Who doesn’t want their home to look presentable and cozy? The way we decorate our house or the color we choose for the walls adds to its beauty and affects our moods. If you have any experience of painting your home, you must have heard of selecting the color that makes your house lively. A newly built place is pleasing for a few years, but you might think of giving a touch-up or refinishing the floor after some time. A home makeover is not an easy task, and depending on the damage or renewal, it can take months before you can renovate.

Foundation repair requires years of experience and special tools; it can’t be done as DIY. If tried, it can lead to more significant problems that may cost you even more. Thanks to youtube and online blogs, many homeowners try to waterproof the basement as DIY projects. But only applying the waterproofing materials are not good enough – it’s essential to identify what is causing the wet basement or crawl space will help to determine how to best proceed. Professionals do the inspection first – then waterproofing.

Renovation or remodeling your house requires moving furniture, even if it is the smallest thing. You start the renovation with a small task, leading you to move everything out of its place. You won’t like one spot of your house fixed while others remain torn, or the paint is fading. If you are to renovate your home, you cannot start it out of the blue. Think about all the things that you want to modify, replace, or refresh. Jot down everything and analyze how much budget it will require.

Once you plan out what things you want to renovate, think about what you will do with the stuff in those rooms. You can move small items like decoration pieces or other things to a spare room, but what about furniture? You cannot stuff your furniture or pile it up as it will get damaged. Have you thought about hiring a self storage unit? The best thing about your furniture is to put it in a storage unit while you renovate your home. Before you can start your home renovation, there are a few basic things that you must know.

#1 Design and Plan

Home renovation is not a random thing to do. You have to decide about the renovation, how much budget you can spare for the items that need replacement, and the things you can do yourself. Take some time to chalk out how you want to change the layout, where you need them placed, and start planning. Jot down the renovation tasks, sort out what you can do yourself, and where professional services will be necessary. If you have some tasks that need professionals, look for contractors and subcontractors to provide you those services. If you have to seek a permit from the authorities, apply for it before starting the renovation.

#2 Pick a Home Style

Every home has a dominant style that makes it stand out. We can easily spot a cottage or a bungalow by looking at it from the outside. While you decide to renovate, step back, and look at your house from a distance. Analyze its roof, the windows, and the entrance. Does it feel perfect, or is there a need to make some changes to it? If you want to change your house style, decide what type you want and whether it is doable within your renovation plan. Once done with the design, assess if the exterior needs some changes, and note it down. This way, you will have things at hand that needs an upgrade and chalk out your plan.

#3 Budget

If you need to remodel a lot, list out the tasks as DIY projects, and look for the materials they need. For instance, if you need to renovate your kitchen with white plain tiles, you can stencil them out with a pattern. If the wooden floor is in better condition, you can refurbish it with a shiny enamel coat. If you are content with your kitchen layout, just let your creativity change your kitchen’s look. Remodeling a kitchen can cost you around 20,000 dollars. Instead of changing your cabinets, paint them, and change their locks. DIY projects will cost you a hundred dollars or more, whereas you can distribute your budget among the professional services.

#4 Divide and Achieve

You might panic looking at the DIY projects you have listed down but know that it is achievable. Instead of panicking, start with the most straightforward task like stenciling your plain tiles. If you have more than one room with white plain tiles and you wish to add colors to it, stencil them out one by one. Move one task at a time. Divide your work among days and allocate a timeline to yourself. Our brain works on a fixed deadline, but do not make it a burden for yourself; instead, enjoy these small DIY tasks that will make your home look beautiful again.

#5 Renovate According to Your Floor

Renovating floors cost way more than you can imagine. If you have ample budget to cover flooring, go for it, but if you lack the funding, turn the table around. You cannot spend all the money on just changing the floors, but you can renovate and design everything else according to your flooring. If you have wooden floors, you can paint them using a shiny coat enamel that can fall within your budget.


We all wish to see our home environment look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Renovating a house is a time-consuming task that can take months, depending on the renovation level it requires. If you plan to recondition your home and need a professional to do the job, get the quotations from different contractors. If you are low on finances, you can pick out some tasks to list DIY projects and get help from the internet. You can change the lighting, decorate walls, add wallpapers, or even coat your wooden floors. These are simple DIY projects that you can execute while staying within your budget.

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