Home renovation and remodeling are the finest tools to upgrade the look and feel of your existing home. Home renovation adds up to the aesthetics in an affordable way for many homes in Hamilton. However, the many homeowners may look at it as being expensive and a waste of money.

A home renovation done the right way adds up more money to the home resale value later. Home buyers looking for a house, like well-designed and maintained homes since it feels fresher and inviting to the eyes of the spectator. Making a few small changes such as new flooring, changing windows, changing or adding cabinets or just painting will bring good returns when and if you want to sell your home.

If you have already decided to renovate your home and looking for options, a good way to go would be to find a professional master builder in Hamilton to get the job done well, on time and within budget. Master builders are well versed and experienced with renovations, so they’ll help you through the process, come up with a plan that you like through discussions and then start the process.

So, what can you do to increase the resale value of your Hamilton home?

For maximum benefit from your home renovation, it is important to find the most profitable areas within your home that can give greater returns in the future, whilst also not compromising on what you want out of the renovation in terms of aesthetics, design, and practicality. Here are some of the tips that can think about for your renovation –

Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen is the most functional space of a home. The kitchen serves as the center of a home; so obviously, it needs to be clean, organized and easy to manage. However, every kitchen of a home loses its value and aesthetics after a certain period of time due to simple wear and tear. Regular exposure to dirt, debris, oi, and spills makes it look old. So, renovating your kitchen can give your house a whole other spin.

Kitchen renovations are very important and need to be done properly. There are many important portions which need personal assistance and care. You can start your kitchen renovation by looking at some inspirational ideas and then discussing them through with your builder.

Renovate the floor with warm and eye-catchy textures to bring a luxury feel to it. Choose wooden flooring or cement tiles; get it installed properly from flooring experts.

Other things to consider during your kitchen renovation is adding a new countertop, new windows, new backsplash, cabinetry work and replacement of old electrical appliances with newer ones. You could change the existing faucet and sinks with stylish and durable ones if needed. Check for the energy conservation protocols in Hamilton, and then try and stick to eco-friendly renovations that will help in the long run with electricity bills. This will save on additional energy charges, and eco-conscious homes are becoming very popular and attractive these days.

Ask your master builder for suggestions as well and make sure to get an estimated quote from them before starting the job.

Bathroom Renovation

Your bathroom is your space of serenity and relaxation and should be comfortable and spacious. A bathroom design should be ideal with the fixtures, design, and space to make you feel good every day. Sometimes, homeowners have to adjust with a smaller bathroom while buying it from another homeowner or real estate agent. So, having a nice and comfortable bathroom will be a big plus, if and when you decide to sell. Till then, you can have it all to yourself. Bathroom renovations are an excellent option to revamp the old look and make it look amazing.

Bathroom renovation accounts for several aspects. Everyone looks a good bathroom. Add space to the bathroom with some easy fixes such as vaulted ceilings, an adjacent closet, or a beautiful skylight if you have the budget for it. You can replace old faucets and showers with modern designs that are recently in trend. You can also find designer sinks that can upgrade your bathroom’s look. There are several other areas where you can do some renovations. Use eye-fooling tricks to make a small bathroom look bigger.

Check for a basic floor plan with your hired master builder in Hamilton. Discuss the pricing and budget, then finalize the remodeling project. A professional builder can help with all remodeling work and provide an estimated price structure too. Find the most reliable residential Hamilton builder near you.

New Flooring

Adding a new floor is the easiest option to revamp your home interior. Your home flooring accounts for maximum foot traffic every day. From kitchen to bedroom and bathroom to stairs, a number of times you find your floor uninviting with time. It fades away with color and style after a certain period of time. Home buyers look for floors that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and don’t show any dirt on the surface. So, update your flooring to something new and fresh.

Renovating your floor comes with many options available in the market. You can choose floorings according to the colors that you have used for the interiors and walls.

If you have an attraction for a nautical theme, choose wooden floor option to bring the coastal vibes directly to your indoors. Contemporary style home decoration is commonly appreciated by many, and for that, you can choose hardwood flooring to reinvent the new world charm. You may have an attraction for a minimalistic theme, in that case, classic tiles look cleaner and inviting. A traditional home décor theme can choose teak wood flooring, with all furniture complementing the flooring style. Go through all of the different options online, and in-store before you pick one.

When you choose a master builder, they will help and handle with all these choices. From giving you their expert opinions and advice, and installation of your flooring, master builders get the job done on time.  Consult for help and suggestions.

Exterior & Interior Painting

Nothing gives a house a refreshing touch than a fresh coat of paint. A beautiful paint job improves your home’s appeal. Whether you are planning to renovate a single room or a whole house, it’s one of the simplest and fastest home renovation tricks that can give better returns after the sale. This is also one that can be done right before you put your house on the market.

Doing an exterior and interior painting has several advantages over other home improvement options. When a home buyer first enters into a home, color is the first thing that comes into notice. Don’t neglect the interior and exterior painting when you are thinking about home renovation; it can increase the aesthetic and resale value too. Another advantage of interior and exterior painting is protection against rain, wind, insects and much more. Think of paint as a protective guard to shield the outer coating for the sliding of the house. It can increase the lifespan of the walls, and you can eventually end up saving hundreds of dollars on future renovation work. In fact, painting a house is one of the cheapest home renovations, costing around $1,000 only.

When it comes to painting, you can either do it yourself or if you are renovating other parts of your house, including painting, you can get this done through your master builder as well.

Make sure that when you pick a wall paint color, that it compliments your interiors, your flooring, cabinets, etc., so you have an overall winner.

Room Addition

If you are planning to renovate your home for better resale value, then you could also invest in expanding the existing place to make it larger. Go through the floor plan of your existing home with your master builder and see where you can expand.

Adding an extra room can do wonders. If you planning to rent out a room, or if your family has just gotten from three to four, or if you need an extra guest room, so you can call your family over for a couple of weeks, or just a study for some quiet time. An expansion can considerably increase the resale value of your home.

Additionally, you can expand your kitchen or bathroom as well, if there is enough space. If you have always dreamt of a bigger, more spacious kitchen or if you want to have nice outdoor barbeques outdoors, you could expand those areas too. Just consult your builder and they’ll be able to give you the right advice in terms of space and costs.

Bottom Line

Your renovated home can provide you a lot of benefits, be it for your own satisfaction or to increase the resale value in time.

If you are thinking of a renovation, you want to hire the right person to do it for you, before renovations can be way more complicated than building a new house. Make sure to look for a few options out there, and consult with them before you hire a master builder in Hamilton. There are a lot of master builders out there, and Urban Homes is one such award-winning master builder in Hamilton.

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