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Buy a Home

How to Buy a Home in Cyprus

Cyprus is a small country many people don’t know about. It has no famous musicians, athletes, and actors. Yet, Cyprus is one of the few shining stars in Europe. In 2019, the country’s economy expanded by more than 4%. This was higher than the...


The Pitfalls of Installing your AC Unit DIY

In the beginning, Google created the heavens and the earth and taught us all how to do everything ourselves. At least that’s how it can feel. However, even though we each have the world’s most comprehensive oracle right at our fingertips, some jobs...

Scaffolding Safety

General Guidelines For Scaffolding Safety

A scaffold is a temporary structure erected to support working platforms in the construction industry. Construction workers will have a safe and stable work platform to do the work that cannot be done at ground level or on a finished floor. At least...