When it comes to your home’s design, interior commercial lighting in Houston is a key aspect. Your home’s atmosphere can be manipulated by the types of fixtures that you use and how the lighting is positioned. Your lighting design is also different for each room. What will work well in your living room is not going to necessary work great in your bedroom or kitchen. The lighting needs to be a reflection of the feel and function of each area. Like other interior decor aspects, lighting design continues to change and evolve. One of the major reasons for these changes is technology.  As manufacturers continue to develop more advanced bulbs and fixtures, homeowners will be incorporating them into your hoes. Preferences and tastes change as well with each generation. This is why there is Mid-century Modern, Art Deco, vintage lighting, and so forth. Although 2019 might not see any radical lighting design changes, there are several interesting trends that all homeowners will want to be aware of.

#1 One Of the Most Popular New Finishes Is Soft Gold

Soft colors have recently seen a spike in popularity. Homeowners are currently in love with such colors as greige (a combination of beige and grey) and grey. Soft gold is also a color that falls into the soft color spectrum and works very well for contemporary decors that you can use for your remodeling. Soft gold falls in the middle somewhere between brushed gold and brushed silver. It gets its soft matte finish from the two hues will at the same time drawing out the mellowness and warmth of gold. That means it can also blend with practically any type of decor from farmhouse to modern urban.

#2 Industrial and Retro Styles are Making a Comeback but in Forms that are More Refined

Industrial has always emphasized metal and involved neutral colors and rustic finishes. Retro is making a comeback, however, in a different way. When looking at modern industrial lighting, you will see some major differences to what you have always known to be traditional industrial lighting. We used to simply describe it as modern retro or upgraded industrial. Unlike the warehouse-like styles commonly seen with the industrial style, today we are seeking metals that are sleeker, alternative designs, and more varied tones. If you shop around you will be able to find retro fixtures featuring finer details that resemble art. This new modern look can really help if you have hesitated to introduce industrial elements into your home.

#3 Vintage Edison-Style Bulbs Offer A Warmer Retro Style

We have yet another upcoming retro style for you to look out for. Vintage Edison-style bulbs are contributing to the retro lighting trend in 2019. Homeowners absolutely love these fixtures and their nostalgic designs. The bulbs feature a rounded cone shape which makes them feel very homey and are ideal for areas like the kitchen and living areas. What is even better is that Edison-style bulbs are available in modern LED lighting. If you would like fixtures that consume less power and last longer, then get the LED variation. However, if you would like to have an authentic retro experience, incandescent Edison bulbs are available still. Incandescent variations do have the advantage of being inexpensive. One bulb costs under $3.

#4 Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern Are Making a Comeback

For years now, Mid-century Modern and Art Deco styles have been interior design favorites. However, lighting did not follow these same trends for some reason. It has been difficult to find fixtures from these early century styles. However, that has started to change with an increasing number of Art Deco and Mid-century designs being introduced into the market. When it comes to Mid-century modern the very popular sputnik chandelier springs to mind with its pared-down form and clean lines. Art Deco to Mid-Century Modern styles represent a continuous line that spans from the 1920s up to the 1970s. Both of these styles emphasize a balance of art and form, unique designs, and clean lines. The focus of Art Deco lighting is on attractive geometric designs and clean, sharp lines, while Mid-century modern lighting loves natural shapes where aesthetics and functional form are combined.

#5 Cleaner Lines, Less Clutter

The basis of modern decor is mainly on clean forms. So whether it is modern lighting, modern kitchens, or modern couches, excessive ornamentation has gone out of favor. Ornate metalwork is often featured on older lighting fixtures. However, in modern homes, complex designs might not blend in very well with clean styled spaces. That is why homeowners today are choosing cleaner and simpler lighting designs to fit in with their modern decors. In 2019 this minimalism trend will continue to become increasingly popular with more low-profile fixtures entering the marketing. The fixtures focus on form instead of extravagant aesthetics, neutral soft colors, and simple geometric designs.

#6 LEDs are Becoming Less Expensive

Incandescent bulbs are really wasteful. A majority of their power gets wasted in heat form. That is why there has been such a huge push to switch to more environmentally friendly and efficient types of lighting. An increasing number of homeowners are switching to LED lighting due to its power and money-saving characteristics. They last a lot longer and are much more efficient than incandescent bulbs are. The LED lighting also has the advantage of being available in many shapes, brightnesses, and colors. They are an excellent option when you want your home to have a unique design.

#7 Bigger is Better

In certain parts of the home, these days homeowners are loving bigger fixtures. the goal is creating a “wow” factor that attracts attention instantly. These fixtures go beyond being lighting to act as centerpieces as well. There are some that feature ornate designs with the space focusing all of its attention on the fixture. You can install large pendant lighting fixtures in many areas, including along exterior footpaths, over your dining tables, or above the kitchen island.

Go With Your Your Own Personal Style

There is no need for you to feel pressure to select a certain style for your home. The best lighting design is always the one that works best for your home and on you really love. The trends discussed above are just to give you ideas on what you can do with home lighting in 2019 whether you are building a new house or renovating your current one.

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