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Model Home Improvement is your online source for high quality and credible information on everything home improvement. We bring you DIYs, ideas, and suggestions on various home improvements topics to help you make your home a better place to live in.

Now you can be a part of our team through guest posting. If you are passionate about home improvement and can write an easy-to-understand post on them then you are welcome to share your content with us. We accept everything from home improvement tips to tricks and hacks.

We are offering a chance for the writers to get published and also promote their brands. Share your thoughts and helpful ideas with our readers and everyone can both benefit from it.

Why Become a Contributing Writer

Becoming a contributing writer has many benefits. First, there are many people who are looking for easy to do DIYs home improvement projects. They are looking for ideas that can help them make their home look and feel better. You have the chance to help people through your post. You can actually make a difference in people’s life with your post.

Secondly, by sharing your post with us, you have the chance to get published online. Writing for authoritative website like ours gives you the chance to reach wider audiences. If you have a website, blog or brand, then you can easily promote it. Model Home Improvement provides the perfect opportunity to share your ideas and grow.

By publishing your article with us you can establish yourself as the leader or expert in your field. The more guest post you write the better it gets. People will be looking up to you for home improvement suggestions and will want to talk to you. This is a perfect way to grow your business authentically. Besides, you will get the back link to your website, which is a very good opportunity for you to promote your brand online.

Home Improvement Guest Post Writing Guidelines

Here is a helpful guest post writing guideline for you. This guideline will help you write post more effectively so that our readers can consume the information easily.

  • Headline – Creating a compelling headline for the post will help you catch the attention of the readers. A good headline will also make it easier for the readers to find the right topic.
  • Post length – There is no restriction on the length of the article as long as the quality is great. But we suggest writing a post between 1500 to 2500 word lengths. This makes things easier for the readers.
  • Body– We want to provide the most accurate and authentic information for our readers. So, it’s important to keep the readers in mind when writing the article.
  • Make it easily Readable – Sometimes readers don’t have time to read in details so they scan the content. Bullet points and smaller paragraphs make it easier for them to do so.
  • Add relevant links – You can add 1-2 links relevant to the topic. This will give the readers more content to read. But you must at all possible links with relevant anchor in the blog itself else non of your articles will be approved.
  • Put relevant images – Relevant images can make the post more interesting. It also makes the post easier to consume. So make sure to include some of the pictures in your post. The picture must be relevant and license free.

We want our readers to have the best value for their time spent on our home improvement blog. And want to ensure that home improvement blogger write the get high quality, original and polished articles they publish.

Here are some of the important requirements for guest posts:

  • Your article should be original work of yours. It should not contain any duplicate content in it.
  • You need to ensure that the content has not been published anywhere else online.
  • You need to ensure that you have the copyright of the content. We must have the exclusive right to publish your content on our website. It means that while your post is on our website, you cannot get it published anywhere else.

We Don’t Pay For the Guest Posts. We believe in free sharing of information.

You can send your guest post via email. Make sure you send the following with your email:

  • Your blog post title
  • Your blog post content
  • Your name
  • Your personal blog URL (optional)
  • Your personal bio
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number (optional)
  • Your photo (optional)

You can send the post in the word format. The images should be in the JPG format. Make sure the images are of higher resolution. We will contact you in one or two weeks after we have received your post.

We look forward to your article contribution to our Home improvement website.