Nothing can be compared to the attractiveness of a wall clock when it comes to decorating your living room. A unique looking and stylish wall clock is just the right choice to add a classy aura to your surroundings, enhancing the entire look of the space. Even after the onset of advanced technologies such as digital clocks, smartwatches, and activity trackers, contemporary wall clocks are still widely used by people who prefer modern, chic, and sleek essence. Most renowned designers believe that wall clocks can add intensity, color, class, and texture to your place. Hence, it can be considered as the first preference of any owner to furnish their house.

In simple words, wall clocks are no longer used just to check timings, but it is a piece of decoration that can enhance the look of your living space. This is why clock manufacturers have introduced many kinds of wall clocks that come in various shapes, colors, designs, and styles. This makes buying a perfect wall clock for your living room, kitchen, office, or any other space, a lot more complicated and difficult. You have to explore an extensive range of wall clocks to pick the one that suits your requirements.

Anyways, it is the fact that we cannot say constructing the perfect living room is a no brainer! Right?

Here we have jotted a few important things that you need to consider for choosing the right wall clock for your living room. Also, there are a few ideas that can help you decorate the interior of your home in the most attractive and captivating way.

Various kinds of wall clocks accessible in the market

Whether you choose a wall clock as a non-functional work of art or for timekeeping, it is important that you consider the style of clocks available in the market. This will help you comprehend what style, color, or design will fit the space you are thinking of adding a wall clock. Since there is an endless range of patterns, materials, and designs, so you are likely to not run out of options in any case.

Below is a list of the most common types of wall clocks to give you a clearer picture of what you need for your living room!

1. Classic

Often, a simple-looking clock with traditional style numbers and enchanting ticking sound in the background takes you to the conventional world. Classic clocks give you a rustic feel along with a sleek sense of fashionable styling. These timekeeping pieces are mostly available in black and white options that provide a classy touch to the surroundings. The borders of clocks are ordinarily of brown and black wood or materials with simple colors. These days, you also have the possibility to customize it according to your requirements.

2. Wooden

What else can be a better choice of material other than wood to give your clock a classic look? Wooden wall clocks can be your ideal pick if you are going for a traditional theme for your living space. Since wood is a widely used material for wall clocks, these types of timekeepers are easily available in the online as well as offline markets.

3. Modern

For those who are looking for something that can give a contemporary touch to their living space, modern wall clocks are just the right choice for them. Many people find classic clocks to be a bit boring and unsightly for their house walls; hence, they prefer modern clocks to furnish their house. Modern style clocks usually don’t have numbers mentioned on them. You won’t often find notches that display hours and minutes that give a cleaner look. They can also add color to your house with modern wall clocks as there is a huge range that is available for vibrant hues. Such wall clocks instantly grab the notice of your visitors.

4. Silent

Silence wall clocks can be considered as the trendiest kind of clocks worldwide. Because they do not make any sound, these timekeepers are highly preferred for offices. You can normally find it in classic colors and designs; however, your clock shop can customize it according to your wish.

5. Digital

Digital wall clocks likewise look extraordinary on the walls of your living space. They are generally the ideal fit for your workplace, study rooms, or any other working spot. You can pick these for your kid’s study room as these clocks do not make any sound and provide you the accurate timing.

6. Atomic

Atomic clocks use the superfine transition frequency in electron or microwave transition to show the right time. It implies that the clock utilizes the ultraviolet region’s frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum in atoms as a frequency adjustment for its timekeeping. People consider it to be the most precise and accurate time and frequency standard. It is used as an excellent standard for worldwide time-sharing services, to manage wave frequency of TV broadcast, and as GPS in a global navigation system.

How to pick the perfect wall clock style for your space?

Envision winding up with a clock that has a background that nearly blends in with the walls of your living room! Or, what if you purchase a super-modern metal frame clock in a pastel-toned shabby stylish room? Not the best idea; isn’t that so?

With regards to colors and designs, make a considerable amount of effort to distinguish these three things prior to browsing away:

a. Shade of the wall

To make it simpler to tell the time and for your clock to give you an edge over others, try to search for one that makes a light and dark contrast against the wall that you have chosen.

b. Room palette

Before buying your wall clock, consider the principle tones in your living room. Is there a brighter accent color that you can pick, rather than adding another shade? Once you understand what matches your walls the best, buy the clock spontaneously.

c. Décor

For the best outcome, you need a wall clock that looks cohesive with your living space styling. Match the theme of your room and then purchase your timekeeper.

Tips for buying a wall clock:

A wall clock has always been one of the most functional pieces in any home. It is an accent component, a purposive décor selection, and a focal point that captivates everyone’s attention.

Here we have mentioned a few tips that you need to consider while buying a wall clock for your living room to give the space a more enhancing and practical essence.

1. Consider your room style and color

What’s your room style is a primary aspect that you need to focus on. It is critical to think about the theme of the room and the persona that it reflects. For instance, if you have a modular living area, then it is best to pick a contemporary wall clock. It will help you to make a secluded look there in the room.

You likewise need to check the hue of your room to pick the perfect tone for the clock. Color is one of those aspects that you can never miss while choosing a wall clock. Your prime focus should be on picking a timekeeper with a different color from your furniture or the walls. For example, you can think of a dark tone for your clock if the color of your walls is light, or you can opt for a combo of black and white wall clock.

2. Focus on selecting the perfect size

Size is a crucial factor in determining a wall clock for your living room. If you have a large room, then it is necessary to put a wall clock that is big in size. Always remember that your clock’s size and the size of the room need to be in synchronization. Apart from its artistic sense, it would also be easy to see the time in the room’s vicinity.

3. Select good quality material

You will find an extensive range of wall clocks, made from different materials when you visit any clock shops. From metallic to wooden, you can choose any material that you think will suit your living room aura. Generally, the wooden wall clock is preferred more by people than others because of its superior touch and aesthetic value, which makes it look more commendable than the machine-made tickers.

4. Examine your wall clock placement

Apart from deciding the color of your room and what clock size you’d like to hang, it would help if you also considered what is around the clock visually and where you need to mount so that it is eye-level. If you are opting for a smaller clock, then try to add other decors to the wall to make the wall look more fuller. However, check that it is not crowded. You need to ensure that anyone’s eyes immediately land on the wall clock when looking for the time.

For larger clocks, try making it the principal decor object on the living room wall. Smaller pieces may look great as accents and can help counterbalance the visual space, but the large clock should not have anything to compete with for visual attention.

These are some of the minute details that you can consider while purchasing a wall clock for your living room. But, more than anything else, it is important that you like your piece. If the timekeeper resonates with you and your persona, then that is just the perfect pick for you.

Wall Clock Decoration Ideas

Charmingly shifting in style from vintage and industrial to contemporary and sophisticated, wall clocks make for the ideal pieces of functional complement wall decor.

Look at this guide for some extraordinary wall clock adornment ideas to assist you with getting enlivened.

1. Opt for something really big

Decorating with huge wall clocks is extremely popular at the present time, and for all the right reasons – they are attractive and eye-catching. Their size implies that you can save money on extra pieces of wall decor without relinquishing any influence. These large clocks are a brilliant choice to be added to any farmhouse or industrial space. However, there is likewise a wide assortment to coordinate with modern as well as traditional styles that you can add to your living room. Pick a moderately basic design for your oversized clock, as an excessive number of subtleties can be overwhelming.

2. Keep count of many time zones

Modern yet simple in style, multiple wall clocks hung beside each other represent different time zones is an ultra-creative and winning way to decorate larger surfaces of your living room. This urban setup is useful if you are in an industry that demands you to keep track of the time in other time zones.

3. Hang modern, unadorned pieces

The ideal addition to a cutting edge or modern-glam living room design is a sleek, classy, and unadorned wall clock face. Since they are accessible in practically any color, you are certain to find a clock design that works for your style and theme of the room. Despite the fact that they lack particularities and ornamentations, these timekeepers look captivating when mounted in a living room space.

4. Abstract clocks are modern essentials

Moderate or abstract wall clocks are the ideal decorative pieces for living rooms with a modern touch. Today’s designs are all about simplicity and effortlessness in shape and design, which is why wall clocks that do without all ornamentation are just the right choices for the present scenario.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a wall clock for your living room that impresses your guests is a time-consuming task. An in-depth study of your room, as well as the type of your clock, will help you achieve the flawless look that you desire. The tips mentioned above in the post will give you all the information that you need to know prior to purchasing the right wall clock for your living room.


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