Bunk beds are long gone traditional inventions which have been evolving continually and are found anywhere like homes, hostels and dormitories. These have existed for many years and will come to past where children are considered very important. They help children to entertain when not outside and can climb and play on bunk beds, stairs and other objects whatever they may like to.

Children need to be assured that they need to build a strong relationship by sharing and playing together in bed. However, they also need to supervise their activity and put rule to govern their safety. Just like young children tend to hurt each other accidentally or may even fall off from beds, you need to ensure to get a bunk bed which is safer for children and toddler in terms of stairs and size.

Bunk beds are designed in many sizes and types and one can choose from low impact, to high-railed or low-to-the-floor. This let you not to crack your head and with various models on market, will make your work easier as they are likely to come with amazing and impressive designs meeting your desired needs.

Why choose bund beds and its advantage

Bunk beds serves as a crucial accessory in house and is an excellent space saver. This comes with storage space and can be used by multiple guests or children. Apart from being an excellent option, they are also affordable piece as compared to price of separate beds and you can come up with fine using stylish designs and colours that suits your home décor. Some of the advantages of bunk beds are given below:

  • Space bunk beds ensure that you’ll have space in room to store children’s toys and still have space to move freely even in a small room.
  • This builds relationship since two or more children share the same room and are liable to play together, interact while in their own place.
  • In case of accidents or one getting sick, in the middle of the night, one may be alerted immediately saving life. This is unlike to one child in room where you’ll have to look for someone time to time for safety.
  • These are easily operable and you’ll not have to worry keeping children to sleep in different rooms.

Things to need for building bunk beds

Important things you might have sat hand for building a bunk bed with stairs is:

Drill, saw, pieces of wood cut in sizes, screw, bolts, screwdriver, wrench, level, etc.

Steps to build bunk bed with stairs

# Prepare yourself

You can check for many tutorials in internet and print out the cut list for following along and the part numbers. Also check for YouTube videos to build and be sure to seek for extra tabs.

# Prep Stock- Cut part

You must consider the final look of the project and square up your stock using planer and jointer to build to be the full. To start with you can cut the board to appropriate length (1 1/2’’ thickness of a 2*6, part and then proceed using the rest of the board.

# Cut all parts to length

Following the cut list, cut all parts to length using circular saw, chop saw or anything elseand rip the side parts to proper length using table saw.

# Assemble legs

Drill pocket holes for 2’’ pocket screw evenly along one side and join using glue and 2’’ pocket screws. Repeat the process for another legs.

# Mattress Frame

Drill pocket holes for 2’’ screws on both ends and make sure that they are located to line up with one side that is wider as the other. Assemble these parts together using glues and 2’’ course pocket and verify that frame is square to allow ample time for the glue to dry. Repeat this for other frames too.

# Profile head/footboards and railing

You can skip this step, in case you choose not to include profile nor have the equipment to make them. This process includes clamping the templates onto parts and using flush trim bit in router to route a perfect profile.

# Assemble head/footboards

First part of this section is drilling a single pocket hole for a 1 ¼’’ screw on each end of the same side. You might need 28 quantities of these and take one parts of each and assemble with proper spacing showing te coarse pocket hole screws and wood glue. You can cut some spacer block and make this step easier and space it more consistently. Make sure to keep everything square as you go and don’t forget to clamp the edges of workbenches to keep one side square all the time. There is a necessity to build four of these head footboards.

# Assemble railing and ladder

Apart from these you need to assemble the railing, ladder in likewise manner. For ladder you need to drill two pocket holes for 2’’ screws together and coarse wood glue to joint parts together. Start from bottom run and work your way with proper spacing.

# Sand and finish

If you like a super nice, smooth finish you need to sand all the bed parts down to grit and clean them appropriately.

# Put the frame together

Once you have all items in rooms, you can set the bed up and hold the bottom mattress in position and screw the legs into place into 4 corners. Then clamp a headboard and footboard to the top of leg and make sure the top profile is flush with legs tops. Then slide the footboard and bottom bed into place over the mattress frame. Now, the head and footboards are screwed into place and you need to add top mattresses frame to tilt the shimmy into place under the footboard and head.

# Add the ladder

now, that the main frame of the bunk is complete, you can add the ladder and clamp into counter sink from back through the mattress frame using2’ wood screws.

# Add the safety railing

Last part of this building is to add the safety railing. Put into place, drill, and countersink and fasten down with 2 inch wood screws into the ladder.


Have a look at the steps outlined above and consider the procedure in which you can build an amazing cum safety bunk bed with stairs. All the process is safe and requires hard effort and you can easily build one by following the guided instructions here.

You can apply the above mentioned rules and plan to make a bunk bed for your children and leave a happy memorable time for your them to spend time in stair beds enjoying their night time without any risks.

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