It is seen that fashionable floors establish unique style from the bottom to top. Even from kitchen to bathroom, laminate floor is a popular choice that are affordable, low in maintenance and easy to install. These floors can be made to last, and are tougher enough to stand for years in high traffic spaces. In case of emergency, there’s no need to panic as the stains, fades and spills are simple and quick to clean.

Laminate flooring offers irresistible combination of substance and style and one can choose from wider selection of textures and tones to achieve a trendy or traditional look. For conscious consumer who are seeking for eco-friendly option need to get benefit from recycled material that are not harvested from rare trees.

Are you ready to get started? You can follow up simple steps to learn how to install laminate flooringin a snap. In case you need professional help, you can even visit your local store and speak to them more about installation services. Here is a simple step to follow:

# Choose your laminate floor- explore styles and features that meet your needs

Go ahead and experiment with latest laminate floor designs and styles which are bold, heavy textures, rugged, sophisticated, smooth and glossy. You can visit stores to reach out and touch different finishes and discover laminate flooring with the look of feel of real hardwood. Tale small laminate samples home to visualize how it will look with the home décor furnishing.

You can sort out through options and styles and pay attention to best thickness for long lasting laminate flooring. One of the best advantage over installing laminate flooring is that it’s a great way to reduce noise . As these are rigid, thus they serve as easy substance to lay against uneven subfloors during installation.

# Prepare your project area- ensure your subfloor is smooth, dry and clean

Prior to starting your installation, you need to free-up space from obstruction like debris, dust, nails and staples. Throughout your installation and removal, having knee protection will avoid any pains and aches later. Remove your baseboards and pull up your carpet and tear out tack strips with sharp nails around the perimeter of your room. Make sure your subfloor is flat and smooth, so that while laying your laminate floor it becomes easy to flush without slapping or bending when you walk over it.

# Choose and install a quality underlayment for max performance

While your installation process, avoid installing your laminate flooring directly above the subfloor, especially when you’re making on concrete floor in your basement. Now, a foam underlayment act to work as a moisture barrier that prevents squeaking, gaping and cupping due to expansion. Always read your manufacturer’s guide for getting detailed instruction on moisture protection. Choose from wider selection of underlayment available with benefits and features to suite your room and your specific requirements. Then, lay it flat over your subfloor, and cover it completely without overlapping with one another.

Remove the sticky tape strip on the sides and press it downward for bringing it back to secure place on the floor.

You’re at the final stage- it’s time to add your flooring planks!

# Complete your project and install your laminate floor

Prior to beginning, you need to check your manufacturer’s instruction. You can also take wise advice to leave your laminate flooring package in room for certain duration of time. Your planks will acclimate to room temperature and humidity. This let you avoid buckling and gaps in your flooring later-on. However, you need to take care in every aspect of planks before and during installation during lay time and ensure any defects.

Starting at the longest wall, choose planks from more than one package at a time. This will even out colour variation and avoid many dark planks or lights next to each other.

You can add spacer against the wall to create smaller gaps that allow for contraction and expansion. Start building your first few rows, and place them against the spacer. Also there is a need to hold on place by laying the flooring packages or weight up on the starting plank of each row.

Now you need the right tools to over-encounter barriers like cabinets, vents and doorframes. A jigsaw will cut your flooring to fit and you’ll refer the manufacturer’s instruction to use tapping blocks. If you’re installing laminate floors to your bathroom, you can apply it around your toilet, or tubs for getting a water tight seal.

Finally, with one final row to go, you can measure the distance between walls and rows leaving the expansion gap. As you know the width needed for final row, you can mark the cut lineon your plank and insert the last row with a pull bar.

Congratulations! You made it through and installed gorgeous laminate floor heading its way to last for long.


After you have made up your mind to set a laminate flooring for your house, its time that you check all the details given above and sort likely in this manner. You will surely benefit by following the above-mentioned steps given and use each process to work out faster for getting a floor that lasts for years to come.

Apply the given procedure and you will soar by attaching multiple coloured flooring of your designed ideas and type that will look gorgeous.

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