If your bedroom is small, then space is very limited, and the best way to approach furnishing a small room is to have things made to measure. The bespoke approach allows you to make the best of available space, and with that in mind, here are a few essential items that you must include in your room layout.

Built-In Wardrobe

A small bedroom demands fitted wardrobes, and there are specialist companies that will create the perfect wardrobes that fit nicely into the room. If real timber is a little expensive, why not have the wardrobe made from vinyl or laminate? This is an inexpensive way to add some colour and depth to the room. As the wardrobe is being made to measure, you get to decide where to put the tie racks and underwear drawers, and you can have as many compartments as you need.


Why not add a touch of the old to your modern setting, there are online antique dealers with vintage mirrors for sale, and you could select a couple and have them reflect the natural light from the window, which makes the room look a little more spacious that it actually is. Up until a few years ago, it was unheard of to mix old and new furniture in a room design, yet today, many homeowners add a touch of antiques with some carefully chosen items. A full-length Victorian mirror would certainly make the room look and feel larger, and with one on the wall facing the window, you can create some reflections.

Bespoke Shelving

The corners and other areas can be used for storage, and by building custom shelves, you can keep things off the floor, which will make the room look larger. Alternatively, you might prefer an antique writing desk or a military chest, and there are online antique dealers who offer an extensive catalogue of antique and vintage furniture. Small furniture will look in proportion in a room with limited space, and with the help of a local carpenter, you can have custom shelves where you need them.

Divan Bed

The amount of storage under a divan bed makes for a very attractive idea, and you can store winter bedding and extra pillows, plus a change of sheets. A vintage divan bed would be a nice feature, made from walnut or cherry, and there are online antique dealers who have a range if vintage divan beds.

Antique Foot Stool

These are great for storage, and with an elegant Ottoman stool, the item can be used in several ways. Mahogany and leather make for the perfect combination, which also gives you more storage space.

It is always a good idea to furnish a small room with furniture that can be used in several ways, like a sofa that turns into a bed, for instance, and with a few vintage items, you can create a balanced look. If the room has a lot of natural light, you should select a light colour base for the décor, and with some small splashes of colour, the room will take on a more spacious look.

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