The dining room might not be a place where you spend most of your time but you relax with your family over meals and entertain guests in this room.  After a difficult day of ups and downs, you gather round the dining table with your family to support and interact with each other and this is what strengthens family bonds.  It’s important to keep re-defining the space to preserve its sanctity by adding designer accents for the home to it every now and then.

Determining the root cause of the problem

Today, when families are drifting apart from each other and everyone seems glued to their computer screens, the dining room that used to echo from the riff-raff of kids now dwells in utter silence.  It has turned out to be one of the most neglected corners of the home.  There are multiple reasons why the dining room is not enticing enough for family members to gather.  Some of the primary reasons for this detected by home designers indicate that space has poor flow, or it is too formal and serves as an unnecessary room between the two ends of your home.

If your dining room has transformed into a space that collects dust, it is time for you to replace the old junk with the latest home décor furniture and opt for renovation.  Decide whether your goal to renovate your dining room is to promote connectivity with the family or whether you are trying to achieve a more casual layout for a welcoming approach.  Discuss the plan of action, settle on a budget and get going with your renovation project.

The Khazana, a modern online wood furniture store, walks you through the process of renovation and its peculiarities to consider while re-doing your dining room. Read on for more details.

The approach

Before you get the tools, paint and chandeliers, decide on your renovation plan approach.  If you’re going for the casual look, add the latest home décor furniture and make sure there is provision for natural light to flood the dining room.  These additions may seem like little changes but they can bring about a drastic transformation when it is all put together.  However, if you are going for a more conventional renovation, work along the lines and figures.  Tidy the work area and use minimalist home décor accents to give the dining room a formal vibe.  The idea behind the renovation is to include your dining room in your daily life; incorporating your décor style will add a virtual appeal to the space and encourage everyone to spend quality time there.

The budget

So far you have gathered ideas and expectations for the project; what are the options available and how can you use the space to add value to your home?  Next comes the decision; your budget will determine whether your ideas on paper can be manifested or not.  It is of grave importance to set a budget as this will add practicality to the project.  The budget sets a limit on expenses so that you do not go overboard.  If you are planning an extensive renovation for your home and you feel that you can use external financial assistance, opt for a home equity loan or a personal loan to realize your dream home goals.

Hiring a renovation expert

Opting for a home décor professional may seem like an unnecessary expense initially but it could be one of the best decisions to hire an expert for a hassle-free renovation.  A professional can communicate your ideas to a contractor in the best possible way, if needed.  Not only that, a professional will use their expertise to choose the latest home décor furniture that complements the space and infuses functionality in the renovation process.  Even though you feel the renovation is a DIY project and you don’t want to waste money on hiring a professional or even a contractor, it could be more critical for you to reach out for consultancy services to guide you through the process.  This will not only provide you with direction but also empower you to take care of the job on your own.  You get to decide the pace, the expenses and every other decision.

Break it down

A pro tip for renovating your home is to break it down into components to make it easier to determine what needs to be worked on and when.  The following is a list of components that need to be considered when  renovating your dining room.


Most people do not realize this but flooring is an essential component that must be considered when renovating your dining room.  Opt for a floor that is easy to clean as dining room floors are more susceptible dirt and mess, such as kids spilling food.  Make sure that the flooring is not drastically different from that of the rest of the house. The most preferred choice of professionals is hardwood flooring as it gives an effortless transformation from one room to another.

Your dining room is a space that is full of wood furniture and a wood floor will complement the furniture in the room.  In addition, it will be robust enough to take the toll of frequently moved furniture and any spills.

Either opt for a pre-finished or the unfinished wood floor.  A pre-finished solid wood floor, as the name suggests, has been sanded, stained and is ready to install.  An unfinished wood floor needs to be taken care of at the site.  If you are looking for an economical alternative, go for engineered wood.  It costs less than that of hardwood although it is not as robust as hardwood, nor can it be sanded and finished in the same way as hardwood.  Another option to preserve wear and tear of the hardwood is to make use of a rug.  Make sure the rug complements the designer accents for your home and generously covers the flooring as well.


Lighting can change the whole vibe and outlook of a room.  There are different options available to illuminate the space and it is a great idea to let natural light seep into the room.  Remember that dining rooms are going to be a big part of family dinner plans and this is when you will require overall illumination; don’t rely entirely on natural light.  The most obvious choice is to hang a chandelier in the middle of the room and use wall lights to complement it.

If you are a fan of the renaissance period, this is perfect for you.  Add a ceiling medallion to give it a royal look.  But this is the conventional approach.  To opt for a contemporary approach, add a false ceiling with lighting options to enlighten the entire room at your convenience.  This may look like too much work but almost the same amount of work will go into managing a chandelier.  Although you may need a team of professionals with hands-on experience to do it for you, you will be more than happy with the end results.

Wood paneling

Wood paneling is not a one day job.  Paneling covers the lower half of a wall and is known as a wainscot.  There are multiple options of wood paneling to choose from.  These usually include raised panels, beadboard, flat panels and board-and-batten panels.  It’s the specifications that make them from one another.


The color you choose to paint the walls sets the tone for the room.  Make sure that the color you decide upon can be carried from one room to another and complements the surroundings as well.  A bold choice might not turn out to be so good.  Go for a flat finish as it enhances the vibe of low traffic rooms.  If you cannot go for flat, opt for matte; both provide the same effect.


The furniture is the soul of a dining room; a dining table, chairs and serving area separates a dining room from the rest of the rooms in your home.  The home décor accents that will uplift the visual appeal are the sideboards and china cabinets.  The dining table is the star of the room.  Ensure you carefully choose the right table for the room.  The length and the width of the room plays a big role in determining the appropriate table.  If your dining room is a square shape, choose a round table or square table.

Similarly, if the dining room is rectangular, opt for an oblong table.  Consider the size of the room and the table to ensure both complement each other.  If you are going for a modern look, incorporate a library-style corner and increase the purpose of the room.  To complete the room, throw in some latest home décor furniture to uplift the vibe.


People tend to ignore the windows to the point they are almost unhinged.  Ensure you do not make the same mistake.  Paint the windows once a year to prevent corrosion.  Dress the windows with curtain panels and drapes to provide privacy yet complement the accents in the room, and regulate the flow of natural light.  A pro tip: pair the cornice boards with roman shades to give a modern touch to conventional windows.


It is essential to hire a team of professionals if you are planning on knocking down walls and rebuilding the dining room.  This provides a wide range of options and opportunities to execute your ideas, but do not think this is a weekend DIY project.  Make sure you have the budget or you could be left with nothing but a mess.

Hopefully, the article was helpful in re-designing the dining room and choosing the latest home décor furniture.

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