Buying a new home for yourself and your family is a dream for millions. But just buying a shelter made up of brick and mortar is not enough. We need to furnish it to make it liveable.

Spending on furniture and furnishing items is an investment. The reason being it not only makes life comfortable but also improves upon the aesthetics of the entire premises. It makes the space lively and reflects the personality of the dweller.

So if you want to make your space speak and transform your boring interiors or exteriors into a happening place, then the best way to do it is by furnishing it.

So, if you are located in or near Miramar and looking for furniture to furnish your home interiors or exteriors, then you are lucky enough. The reason being there are many furniture stores in Miramar that stock quality furniture.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Cost of the furniture and budget:

    The cost of furniture varies in wide range hence you need to plan accordingly. If you show negligence in planning your budget accordingly, then you will soon find yourself in a situation when the budget will cross your limit, or your home will be under furnished. One ideal way to plan your budget is to maintain a spreadsheet. Another ideal way to remain in your budget is to buy larger pieces of furniture first and then fill your home with smaller pieces as you move ahead. It helps in bringing the essential items to home first. E.g., it is ideal to buy a luxury double bed first and later buy the dressers and nightstands later.

  • Space Planning:

    Whenever you are buying furniture, you should first measure the space and the size of the furniture that will accommodate the space. The piece of furniture should not be too big that it will create an overwhelming feeling and eat up the entire space to give a clumsy look to your interiors. Again it should not be a miniature that will get lost in the room. Hence measure and analyze the space and the size of the furniture that will fit in the space. One can use a measuring tape to get accurate results.

  • Blending the old and new pieces:

    No doubt one of the biggest troubles that the new homeowners face is blending the older pieces of furniture with the newly purchased one. It improves the decor of your house when the new pieces of furniture match the style and pattern of the older ones, while any mismatch between the two counterparts can lead to an eye-sore.

One best way to upgrade the matching essence of your old and new furniture pieces is to go for a makeover of your old pieces of furniture. It can be done by painting your older pieces with the matching patterns of new ones. Again the older pieces could be sent to re-upholstery.

Categories of Furniture Style:

  • Antique Furniture:

    This furniture type dates back to a hundred years. It is rare and hence requires both time and money when buying an antique piece of furniture. It is ideal to buy antique furniture from a renowned dealer to avoid the chances of being cheated. It ensures you get the genuine one.

  • Vintage Furniture:

    Apart from being old furniture, it belongs to a specific era or time. A lot of varieties are available to choose from in this category and suiting a wide range of variety. A few being high-end Danish or Scandinavian designs, Australian made vintage furniture. Vintage furniture is comparatively cheaper than its retro or antique counterparts. Vintage furniture is ideal for matching, mixing, and knitting with other pieces of furniture and hence displays your style statement.

  • Art Deco Furniture:

    It belongs to the early twentieth century. It embraces the geometric patterns and angular shapes and materials like chrome, glass, and mirror are crafted in it.

  • Shabby Chic:

    It reflects a more casual and distressed appearance. The furniture is white and gives a romantic and feminine feel.

  • French provincial Furniture:

    The style as the name depicted has to the influence of the French province of 17th and 18th It features both classic, and country feel. The furniture is mainly made up of timber tinted in white, muted grey, duck egg blue. Timber pieces such as drawers and buffets have ornate casting and brass or glass handles.

  • Modern Furniture:

    The modern furniture is a complete contrast from the traditional furniture designs. The designers used completely new materials like steel, molded plywood, or plastic to give a dramatic twist to the furniture. E.g., Dining table made out of glass having a frame of chrome is some of the transition that designers have adopted today.


Buying furniture need not be a tedious and stressful process if you have planned things regarding the type of furniture, the design, space aspect, and budget. Feel free to ask questions to your dealer and do not forget to get a warranty on your furniture.

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