The curtains are a fundamental part of the decoration since they not only add style but also serve to create cosy environments, generate privacy and keep us away from the sun or the cold. If you are thinking of incorporating modern curtains into your living room, there are several options that you can resort to, here we leave you 10!

#1 Neutral colors

Curtains in neutral colours, such as beige, cream or light grey, create sophisticated and elegant environments. These soft tones are the ideal complement to a modern decoration, characterized by clean lines and simple geometric shapes.

Additionally, neutral shades allow natural light in, helping to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere in the space.

#2 Textured fabrics

A very subtle way to add depth and warmth to your living room is with textured curtains. They can be the same colour as your walls, but this simple detail will add an exciting contrast and elegantly highlight your windows.

And be careful, that the curtains with textures are excellent insulators since they help to absorb sound and improve the acoustics of the space.

#3 Natural fiber curtains

Although it may not seem like it, the store-type curtains, made of natural fibres, work very well in a modern living room, since they provide a share of warmth and provide a soft and organic contrast.

Use them with fabric curtains, which help to frame the window and give it a touch of greater sophistication.

#4 A contrasting colour

If the walls of your living room are white or a very light colour, then go for it and give contrast to the space with curtains of vibrant or darker colour. For an extra bit of elegance, make sure the fabric goes from ceiling to floor, and use heavy fabrics like velvet or velvet.

#5 Yes to roller blinds

One of the favorite modern curtains is roller blinds. Easy to install, they are ideal for environments that seek an urban and minimalist look. Their great advantage is that they have different densities, therefore, you can choose them in relation to how much light you want to enter the room.

#6 The subtlety of the curtains

Sheers or curtains made of flowing and soft fabrics are an excellent alternative if you are looking for cool environments, or if you do not like spaces that remain in complete darkness. The simplicity of these fabrics makes them a very easy option to combine.

#7 Two-tone curtains

Modern curtains with 2 colours? Of course! This type of “colour block” fabric is ideal for living rooms of all styles since they are fun and super elegant at the same time.

The key is to choose a neutral colour for the upper part, and a more vibrant colour for the lower leg. The latter can be the same tone as the tapestry of a piece of furniture , or of some of the decorative elements.

#8 Patterned fabrics

Patterned curtains are a modern and daring option. The designs can range from geometric patterns to floral or abstract prints, whatever the option, they are sure to add a touch of personality and style to the place.

Of course, keep in mind that too many patterns can be somewhat overwhelming and compete with other elements in the living room. Therefore, it is important to combine patterned curtains with other simpler and more minimalist decorative objects.

#9 Duo shades? Of course!

If you like modern roller blinds but don’t know which one to choose, the “duo” type is an excellent option. These are curtains that have strips of fabric of different densities, therefore, they generate a good balance with respect to the light that enters the room.

#10 Let the fabric touch the ground

Finally, a good piece of advice, when incorporating modern curtains into your living room or living room is to make sure that the fabric reaches the floor, or even that there are a few extra centimetres on the floor. This simple detail will add a lot of elegance to the space.

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