Every homeowner desires their home to be a beautiful, relaxing space where you can decompress, take time off from the busy world and be yourself.  A serene and tranquil paradise to unwind after crisscrossing the chaotic world.

This means creating living spaces that not just wow you but also your visitors.

Well, to create this elusive “wow” effect that draws everybody’s eyes, you need to explore different ideas that reflect your personality. Perhaps you align with a rustic feel, modern sleek designs, or antique pieces, find a look that inspires you to transform your space.

With this in mind, your wow factor shouldn’t be an expensive affair; instead, it should be more of visualizing the space and knowing what resonates with you and will work for your home.

So, here are a few ideas and to help you bring the wow factor in your home.

1. Statement lighting

Lighting can create a magical effect by adding depth and texture to any space. A well-placed scope can transform a room from its uninviting, dark atmosphere into an open and light one.

The key to bring the wow effect through lighting is simple; forget about the traditional ordinary lights and focus on fancy lights.

  • Select unusual lightning fixtures with chic finishes and shapes, for example, oversized lamps on seating spots or strip- lights in dramatic colors beneath your kitchen cabinets.
  • Add bolder lightning that catches the eye with giant chandeliers, pendant lights and attractive wall light-hangings.
  • Crown your lightning wow-factor by adding hanging fixtures with light adjustments that enable you to brighten or dim the space according to the mood.
  • Put decorative candles inside life-size wistful containers.

2. Play with colors

Adding a pop of color gives your home a striking look while adding appeal to the surroundings.

Remember to apply the 60/30/10 color rule by dividing your room and using 60% of the dominant color, 30% of a derivative color, and 10% accent color.

Invoke emotions by using neutral or contrasting colors. For example, the shade of blue provides a calming effect while yellow portrays happiness.

Colors make any space more welcoming and helps elevate mood, so opt for the correct combination of wall color and texture for an eye-catching look.

Your color choice should suit your spirit; for example, use orange to emit inner cheerfulness and red for love and ambition.

Be bold and mix neutral and bright color options for a classy and outstanding wow effect. Embrace bright colors and create space illusion by mirroring the floor and wall image colors.

3. Adapt statement flooring

For high traffic home areas like the living room or hallways, combine a twist of vinyl flooring with wood. This makes the spaces more purse-friendly while adding a touch of warmth and a focal point.

However, for an elegant look, use vast arrays of classic patterned flooring with luxury vinyl finishing and bold tones.

To add depth, use a contrasting bespoke pattern and combine darker shades with chalky tones.

Revamp your rug for instant style by mixing pinks and bright yellow, pale to deep chocolate shades.

Additionally, create zones and brighten the rooms with tiles. These will add color while reflecting the light without dominating the space. And for a dash of drama, uses darker shades.

4. Refresh your windows

Windows are fundamental parts of our living spaces bringing in heat, light, and fresh air.

Refresh your windows by replacing the curtains. Go for bold texture and color to change the overall room feel while providing a stylistic statement and bringing out the wow factor.

For a modern feel, choose a lighter fabric, and for a traditional look, go for heavier fabric like suede, velveteen, and wool blends. Energize your rooms and make them attractive with lively printed or patterned curtains with contrasting colors to either the walls or furniture.

Sparkle up your windows and increase their appeal by adding colorful architectural ceramic window films. Besides, ceramic window films don’t bubble up, and they block 90% of the infrared light, they save on energy bills and whilst giving your home a sleek look.

Go artistic by replacing boring linear grills with grilled patterns or creative liner grills to give windows a centerpiece look.

5. Mirrors work wonders

Mirrors placed in unexpected areas create a room’s focal point while giving it a depth illusion.

Mirrors come in different styles that complement any décor style.

Place a mirror above the kitchen light surrounded by tiles to give it an illusion of bigger space and reflect your colorful crockery display.

Rest an oversized golden mirror on your bedroom walls to add a hint of glamour while helping the room look more open.

Add a colorful bright yellow quirky mirror on your bathrooms to instantly transform the area into a modern, bigger, and livelier space.

Create a spacious and rustic look by placing a wall mirror to reflect the outdoor natural light.

Open up the hallway’s narrow spaces by hanging an oversized round mirror above the tables with displayed striking blooms. This intricate design also adds ruse and texture to any room.

6.Embrace modern artwork

A modern artwork brings a welcoming charm to a traditional or contemporary home. Be it crafts, paintings, type-quotes, or even showpieces, investing in art creates a focal point, thus bringing the wow-factor into your home.

Position your artwork by hanging low and in multiple smaller rows or columns to create an alluring, unified design.

Use the fireplace and shelves as your focal points.

You can also place a framed art piece on the floor to dress the room down while creating a friendly and tranquil vibe.

Show your personality by going a little crazy and hanging your quirkiest art piece in the bathroom. By placing your uncomfortable art pieces in a bathroom gallery, you give your guests a kick out by allowing them to ponder its meaning in a private setting.

Add artwork that screams with orange or red in your dining area to spark lively conversations between your dinner guests.

Remember, your artwork should have colors for every mood. For example, in your bedroom, choose artistic works with gray paint for claiming effects. Additionally, use yellow sets for your living rooms to gradient a cheerful and pleasant mood.

7. Out of the ordinary

Adorn your living areas with rare pieces.

Do you have a rare 19th-century antique clock or a rustic vase handed down from your ancestors? Mix these pieces with well-placed throw cushions and pillows, furniture and curtains. With all these elements coming together, they give your home a harmonious look.

Add some greenery to evoke nature. Houseplants make any space feel fresh, and with added creativity, it brings a touch of personality to any room.

Arrange your houseplants in odd numbers, different sizes, colorful plants, and leave shapes on decorative and patterned dishes, vases, and pots to create a wild and free, relaxed look.

Bottom Line

Whatever changes you make to bring in the wow factor to your home should reflect your personality and style. Regardless of whether it’s DIY or professional, don’t compromise on your vision. With the above tricks, you will be well on your way.

Author: Alana O’Reilly

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