We know, preparing meals for your family demands a lot of time. But you don’t want to run to your main office when you have to send an urgent mail or pay some bills immediately in your busy kitchen time. The era of Covid has made it more prevalent.

But how does it feel to you if you have a small but effective office space in your kitchen?

No doubt, it’s a fantastic idea! A perfect dream office in your kitchen can give you some significant advantages and make your daily life a lot easier.

With a little creativity, you can update your kitchen for multitasking and make it suitable for both kitchen and office work. Here are the inspirations from the designs of the finest interior designers and office designers for you.

Kitchen Office Placement

The kitchen is not the place where most people hang out. So it can be quite peaceful for some professional work.

However, if it is near your utility room, you better watch out. Utility rooms can be very noisy with their big machinery. And utility sinks and utility kitchen faucets can be noise as well. Dining spaces can also be a problem.

So try to have some distance from them. And if you are near the utility area try using the utility sink and utility sink faucets that are less noisy.

Some of The Best Kitchen Office Designs

All of these designs are from professionals-

Stand-Up Office Station

For those, who always stay busy in the kitchen, stand up office space can be a brilliant choice. This stand-up station model is designed by David Raymond, owner of Fairfield.

You can do your office work on the top of the station counter. Also, you can track important messages and quick reminder notes at the backsplash of the work station.

This design contains open bookshelves at the upper backside of the work station to hold calendar, your favorite recipe books, or any other book you love to read in your kitchen.

The stand-up station comes with three drawers at the center. You can use it to keep everything you need, like- papers, pencils, even hair clips of your kids!

The backsplash contains a recharge outlet, so you can charge cell phones or any other portable devices very easily.

Convertible Style

Design director of Shenandoah Cabinetry, Connie Edwards recommended this kitchen office style. To set up this office space, you just need to add an extra work table at the end of the kitchen counter when you plan the furniture layout in your kitchen.

You can also use this office place for a buffet or other small kitchen work, like – rolling a pie crust. And if there are chances of spoiling your office equipment during cooking time, simply put those into the desk drawer.

Corner Command Center Style

A sit-down place with a working desk in a calm corner of your kitchen can allow you to do your office and kitchen work simultaneously.

Norwich company designed this kitchen office layout and designers normally advise keeping the desk height from 28 to 30 inches and 25 inches for knee-hole depth.

There are a couple of deep drawers in the unit and you can paint the desk matching with the kitchen island. The countertop is almost 7 feet long, so it’s very suitable for you to do your office work with comfort. Also, it can be a great space for your kitchen where the family members can gather for gossip.

Also, this design comes with eight electric outlets to power up electronics easily.

Side-By-Side Seating Kitchen Office

Elsa Kessler works as a kitchen designer and she designed this unique kitchen workplace for an NYC lady who has a 12 years old son. This mom wanted to share her kitchen with her son for both kitchen and office work.

This kitchen office has space to keep a printer, two computers, and a cordless phone. Also, it has a couple of drawers to keep your office supplies.

Final Thoughts

Designing an office in the spiciest room of your home is a challenge. So, it is nice to have some expert hands for inspiration.

The designs mentioned above are all from well-known and reputed professionals. However, you can always add some salt to it.

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