Are you getting overwhelmed at the thought to fill large empty wall space? If your wall is big, huge and even if your landlord lets you paint, an unadorned expanse can let you bring up a lovely feel. However, you can come up with many new and exciting ideas along with creative solution to give a more stunning show to your wall.

Here you can find renter friendly, temporary solutions starting from, design experts who can bring some style to a bare wall. You will find lots of hunt for great wall ideas and make your room feel like home. Since it can be inspiring while starting at completely empty walls, you might get flustered or even frozen by wealth of opportunities; however don’t let that intimate you.

This is one of the biggest challenges you can find on how to decorate large wall and create a sphere of newness out of large blank walls. Since it’s all about scale, you can put things right and perfect for every single items you workout with your wall. Check out this blank wall solution to help you with tasks to decorate large walls:

# Turn to textiles

Antique blankets, vintage quilts or tapestries can be too lovely to keep hidden away and folded. So, you can hang the textiles from walls and bring unique texture and character to your space. A simpler way is through hanging the curtain rod from wall and using clip style rings that could secure your textile. In order to keep cohesive odour with rest of your decor, you can focus over blogger behind, interior designer, recommendations or on hues.

Make sure the colours work well with the existing doors and surrounds as focal piece that is quite convincing to the odour. Consider this bonus to hand thin-tug otherwise some other textile over the walls as this helps to mute the sounds coming from next doors apartment.

# Curate a gallery wall

When it comes to art hung in groups, you may not find good things. Well, a well designed gallery wall with colours, textures and patterns usually eliminates negative spaces and enhances finish feeling that you would wish to achieve. Also, to get a perfect balanced look is to hang tow large pieces diagonally from each other and then filling the empty-space both above/below of larger pieces in smaller ones that sticks to similar colours or subject with look to extra pull figure.

# DIY a triptych

Affordable and large art works are difficult to find however when you discover one it will have the entire characteristic to finish a hotel room. In order to get a more wallet friendly you can create your own custom piece which would be something of a artsy type. You don’t need to abandon this, rather do-it yourself in an ideal and faster way. Skip the pain and scout-out few lengths of gorgeous fabrics and feel free to splurge over good stuffs. Next, wrap a piece around an inexpensive, pre-stretched staple and canvas in place to get a superfast work-of-art. Better you need to wrap the rectangle canvases and panel in fabric and then hang them together to build a triptych.

# Get stuck on washi tape

Washi tapes are the unofficial favourite craft materials that are removable, colourful and are versatile in nature. One of the favourite ideas you can do is use these tapes to build a bold graphic statement like a colourful home-office from magazine. There might be installed designs that could span the entire wall trend and give you a higher end look than just a few random stripes. The same goes for wall decals, like the mini elephants which when applied would give a neat row that works in the way a wallpaper would do.

# Consider wallpaper

If you think wallpaper is only for homeowners, then you’re wrong in the very concept. You can enjoy having simple framed remnants for your home that are no-messy installation giving you a new motif without any commitment. Now, framing strips of wallpaper can work out an interesting and effective statement and work best having unifying theme like similar pattern, colour and content. So, here you need to select a thin white frame in larger size possible for your wall to create a look of panel-moulding.

# Expand shelf options

Look beyond the art and fill the blank wall especially when you have high ceiling. Now, tall and wide bookcases are good for renters as they don’t require any kind of wall installation and can be moved to anyplace of the room or outside. They can even take ton of room and create a fun place to go wild through various collected objects. However make sure you don’t fill the entire shelves instead display individual pieces in edited group on each shelf. In case you need the shelf space for storage, you can find attractive bin and even learn framed pieces. You can get amazing photos for your shelves art that can take just enough space to an entire wall at lesser price.


Decorative walls treatment is good for any home and for large blank walls, these ideas will surely nurture you mind to come up with something extra within. Do not just limit this to learning and sprung to find better deals out of this article.

Apply the above mentioned themes and ideas for giving as definite colouration, style and pattern to your old room and make a beautiful creation along with innovative upbringing.

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