There are many design elements that have laid a major momentary feeling in people’s lives. One of this is gallery walls. Whether it’s big or small, somewhere in between or in corner, knowing how to make a gallery wall through your favourite art pieces or prints can instantly elevate the artistic glory of any place. These days, you can find more and more gorgeous galleries and also can try building one for yourself at your home simply your custom framing with easy and affordable price levels.

With the evolution of new and standard framing techniques, you can get easy along to document the process and create a wall that is quick to transform your room with personal pieces, illustrations, photographs, paintings that matters to you. Whether you want to create a statement in your living room or to make a blank wall or staircase to come alive; galleries in every aspect will render fun to express and showcase yourself through favourite items.

You can sense the presence of gallery wall everywhere; however they aren’t created equal. Here are some practical tips and style ideas that will help you make a gallery wall and let it stand out from the rest of the room.

What will you need?

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Level
  • Tape Measurer
  • Pencil & Eraser
  • Small Notebook
  • Philip’s head screwdriver
  • Extra nails and screws
  • Blue painter’s tape

In this article, you’ll find lot recommendations to pick your prints.

# Step 1: Pick Your Style

Firstly, nail down your aesthetic since your gallery needs fitting uprightly to the space. If you’re considering yourself for romantic or eclectic need, you need to look for something that is disorder. Something like a spaced-out grid would mix the very prints of classic look, or a good-rule of thumb that could try out pieces so that you don’t end up with sculptural pieces clumped together.

Other necessary things like following a particular colour scheme or frames would look good to hold for family welfare. You can also choose to mix materials like sculptures, unframed, photos, and artworks if there’s enough space in your room to mix it all. There are various sites in internet and you can look for various forms design inspiration as “sky is the limit”.

# Step 2: Lay It Out

Here you don’t have to expect a designer’s eye and therefore planning to create prior to pulling out nails and hammers would sound a great idea. You can lay out the entire pieces of your gallery wall over floor. Start with the center pieces and building out. We recommend you to place your various pieces with respect to similar types of artwork. You can try and space out pieces that would let you to sculpture three items as clumped altogether along with sculptural pieces and mixed frames evenly throughout the gallery wall.

In case you’re finding it hard to decide on a composition, you can have something like snapping out a picture from your phone and making another set of arrangement. You can try this few times and then flip through the snapshots. Make then editorial view and then attach which seem you best. This would make your liking clearer.

# Step 3: Play with Levels

Every piece on your wall doesn’t have to be an image and so, every part of your gallery doesn’t have to be on your wall. You can use the surface part of your display and fix some of the pieces on the wall so that they would appear mantle. Some pieces that are tall enough, you can play with levels to create wonderful moments like on different angles and sides that flank striking on the wall. One more excellent way to build layers is through design to add depth to your room definitely. This is something to try at home.

# Step 4: Mock Trial

Next, make sure of the composition field that they look good and are placed properly on the wall. You can mock them up with paper, trace each frame into piece or tissue-paper, trim them to specific size & tape it to wall as per your needed order.

As per you interesting statement, group nearby furniture in appropriate way, make them to comfortable height; let all the space be proportionally divided to fill space appropriately. Also keep in mind the proportion of art to wall size and vice-versa.

# Step 5: Hang Out

Now that you’re printed and ready, the last and final step seems to be a breeze. Mark each paper with spots where nail should be placed and with paper over wall, hammer it directly into the mark on paper. This let to tear out the placeholder one your nail fixes the place. If you have similar sized pieces, be flexible with the composition and switch them as needed.

Then comes your favourite part- hang those glorious gallery wall pieces up for you to enjoy the glance.


All these ideas inlined above will surely give you a wide spread knowledge to mark how beautifully and spontaneously you can make your gallery wall. These are really inspiring tips to fill your living room with best and trendy designs and styles that are matchless. From favourite point of you, you can begin you create your own collection and feel the enormous presence of your memories or artefacts from different exert artists.

Be the one to apply these ideas and start decorating your room with all specific and monotonous designs available in market sphere.

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