It is always a better choice to choose an experienced and skilled plumber when it comes to clearing a clog, installing a new sink, or any other plumbing problem. There are hundreds of plumbers in Wellington to choose from; however, only a few of them are genuine and can do your work perfectly.

So, how to find the best plumber in Wellington who can complete your job in a skillful manner? We have listed down some tips that can help you find the best plumber and avoid the scammed vicious circle!

Tips for Choosing the Best Plumber in Wellington-

#1 Get Reference

There are many plumbers in Wellington who claim to offer a good job. But it is your responsibility to ensure that your chosen company stands by their word or not. This can be done by asking your friends or any other sources from where you got to know about the company. You can also ask the company to give you some references of their past customers. You can trust them as they have some previous experience with the plumber and would know his work quality. This is one of the best and most effective ways to get the complete information of the plumber’s work.

#2 Ask for the License-

The license of a plumber is much more than just wall decor. It is a piece of confirmation that the plumber you are hiring is trained and holds some skills in plumbing. It also assures that your plumber company is not a fraud one and will be there for at least some time. So, in case something goes wrong with your work, you can contact them, and they can correct it.

#3 Work Clothes

Always opt for a company that is proud of their work and shows it with their uniform. Uniformed plumbers are more trustworthy and give them a more professional look.

#4 Friendly People

Inviting a plumber to your home makes you enter them to your personal space. Therefore, you should choose someone who is polite and treats you and your family with respect.

#5 Accurate Estimates

Accuracy symbolizes a ‘company’s skills and experience. With just one look of the worksite, a plumber should be able to give you an accurate estimate of the work that has to be done. The work that has to be completed should be upfront to avoid nasty and unpleasant surprises with the increasing bill. An accurate estimate of the work gives a price assumption and any kind of major problems. Also, to be on the safe side, make at least three estimates that are much lower and higher than others.

#6 Insurance Matters

Whom will you blame or who will pay if the plumber accidentally breaks any pipe and transforms your house to a flood-affected area? If the company you hire does not hold any insurance, then you are the one who has to pay the bill and then have to run between courts to be reimbursed. If your plumber has insurance done, then you are covered from accidents as well as you ‘don’t have to pay for any mistakes of the plumber.

#7 Emergency Services

Does this happen to you too that the pipes always break on weekends or in the middle of the night? Perhaps yes! Get a plumbing company that offers you the privilege of emergency or 24*7 services, so that the ‘Murphy’s Law does not come into play in your case.

#8 On-Time Assistance

It is a fact that there is no one who has the time and patience to wait for a plumber, all day long. Therefore, it is a smart choice to hire a company that offers a clear appointment time, no matter what the situations are. This helps you to know when your plumber is actually coming, and you can do some other stuff in the meantime.

#9 Get the Warranty

This is one of the most important things as your company should stand for their work. Not just the work, but they should also offer a guarantee for the parts they use. Many plumber companies cover their warranties for their work until a year or more. So, if the plumber does not agree to guarantee his or her work, then search for another one.

# 10 Background Checks

Enquire the plumber about the time period he or she has been working with the company and in the field of plumbing. An established and trustworthy company will have plumbers with many years of experience. So, asking this question will give you an idea of how reliable the company is. You can often research about its proven track record of quality work.

It is always a safe option to check for the background details of your plumbing company as there are many fraud plumbers who come to your house not to fix things, but to have a look at your house. So, look for a trustworthy plumber as it keeps you as well as your family safe. It may take some time to check the company background as well as all the records of their employees, but trust me; it is worth the time.

#11 Location

It is an added bonus if your chosen company is in your community as it would be easier for you to know about the ‘company’s background. It would be easier for you to communicate, contact, and commute whenever it is required.

Following all these steps may seem a little too lengthy and difficult for you. But it is actually extremely easy. With skills and experience in plumbing, you also need a team that is courteous and honest. The company should hold legal licenses, quality insurance, and a solid warranty. So, hiring a plumber for your household work is important and should not be taken lightly. It is often seen that failure to hire an experienced plumber results in dangerous repairs in the future.

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