Bathroom renovations are considered one of the most important aspects of modern house maintenance. Waters long term effects can wear out your bathroom’s tiles, vanity and paint. You may also want to change the look of your bathroom since some of its paraphernalia may have become dull, damaged and lost its appeal.

However, renovating a bathroom can be daunting and sometimes expensive. It doesn’t have to be that way, because there are things you can do to limit your expenses and extend your budget until you achieve the results you’re looking for.

So, if you want to give your bathroom a new look without busting your wallet, here are some tips for saving money during your bathroom remodel.

#1 Create a plan before you start your renovation

If you want to save a considerable amount of money in the long run, then it is essential to seek the help of a designer or architect before you begin remodeling your bathroom. Some people think that it’s quite expensive to work with a professional designer, but in reality – it’s not. Planning with a professional will assure you that your design, timeline and budget are realistic, and it will also set a goal for you and how you can achieve it in the least possible time.

In fact, hiring an architect or designer can save you a lot of time and money in the long run, because you won’t make those expensive errors that will cost thousands of dollars as well as pushing back your time frame by a few months.

#2 Keep the piping where it is

Another good reason why you should seek the help of a designer is the fact that you can plan to use existing pipeline in your design, which in turn will save you a lot of money. Relocating utilities like the bathtub and toilet can be costly and it’s no small task to undertake. You may spend up to $5,000 each time you move your plumbing fixtures, so it is more cost-effective to keep your piping where it is.

#3 Frame your old mirror

Your old builder-grade mirror can still look fantastic when you dress it up with a new frame. In fact, it is better than buying a huge hanging mirror, and you’ll only spend a fraction of the price of a new one. Most importantly, you’ll also hide any age-related wear when you frame it up with a stylish wooden frame.

So, if you want to hide the flaking that can usually happen around the edges, it’s best to frame your old mirror and give it an updated look.

#4 Update your toilet bowl instead of replacing it

Another thing to consider when you’re remodeling your bathroom is to update your toilet bowl by just replacing the seat and lid instead of tossing the whole porcelain perch. Changing these two tops can already give your toilet a new fresh look, and you don’t need to purchase a new unit, which in turn can also save you on plumber installation and piping fees.

#5 Check salvage yard and antique stores

If you spare some of your time and check the salvage yards or antique stores, you’ll find several budget items that you can use on your bathroom. Although it can sometimes be intimidating, you can score several great items in these places that might be fit your bathroom. Not to mention that you can easily redo light fixtures, iron tubs and even sinks. It all comes down to your style and the effort and time you’re going to put in finding these items.

#6 Buy furniture from markets

Want to upgrade your tired vanity? Check out your neighbourhood market and try hunting for antique and vintage dressers. No one will ever notice that you only bought your piece from a market, and its unique furniture that nobody else has. Most importantly, you don’t need to shell out big bucks for it.

#7 Alternatives to Tile

Modern bathrooms don’t have to be filled with tiles to the ceiling; you should consider options like board and batten, reclaimed wood panels, and other high-end looking tile replacements. Although wood will require more maintenance, it gives off a comforting vibe that a standard tile cannot provide.

#8 Consider Open Shelves

If you want to create an illusion of space, you can install open shelves in your bathroom. This is also more cost-effective than cabinets. You only need a few drawers, and most of your private items can be housed on covered baskets or high shelves. So, you’re colourful soaps and towels as well as any bathroom decor don’t need to hide in a closet any longer.

#9 Let There Be Lighting

Adding lots of lighting to your bathroom can significantly improve the look and feel and it won’t break your budget in the process. You can shop for various types of lighting on home improvement stores. Also, if you have roof access, you can consider bringing the natural light outdoors inside your bathroom using tubular solar technology.

#10 Use colourful paint

Don’t underestimate the impact of colorful paint in your bathroom. In fact, you can coordinate the design of your tiles and the colour you’re going to use on the walls since it can bring an entirely new dimension to your bathroom. There are inexpensive types of paint that will last for years, you just need to seek the advice of your designer, so you’ll know the best colour that will suit your design and style.

#11 Use granite countertops

If the focus of your bathroom renovation is your vanity, then you might consider buying a slab granite, since it can add a stylish glow to your bathroom, and it won’t cost a lot of money. You can even choose from a variety of granite slabs that will compliment your paint and tile pattern.

#12 Look Online for Leftovers

Before you go to your local home depot and buy your renovation material, it’s best to check online portals like eBay and Craiglist, and you might find someone who is selling their leftovers. In fact, people will most likely buy more materials than what they really need, and most of the time, they can’t return it. So, they will most likely sell it online at a very reasonable discount just to get rid of it. So, it’s best to check materials that you might need on these platforms because you might find what you need at fire-sale prices.

Choosing the right bathroom renovation specialists

If you’re truly serious in renovating your bathroom and you want to stick with your budget and not to overspend on your project, then you should hire a renovation specialist that are fully licensed by relevant authorities. This means that the company you should deal with is fully compliant and competent in what they do, and they should in the industry for years, so it essential to check their track record first before closing the deal.

You should also determine if their business is insured, which means you don’t have to worry about any accidents or damages that may happen during the renovation process. You can rest assured that you are covered for any unexpected surprises and that could save you a lot money, and you can go about your business while they remodel your bathroom. It is essential for you to know if they are trustworthy and since you don’t need to spend a lot of your time supervising the project on your own.

Another thing to consider is its service delivery and the coordination of their team. You will have an idea if they are really that coordinated when you check their track record and the projects they did in the past. Most importantly, they should be transparent and fair when it comes to their renovation rates.

A great bathroom renovation provider must also be accessible, which means they can quickly deploy their team to your location and evaluate the kind of activities based on your renovation plan. They must also be aware of the common issues that might be encountered during the renovation of your bathroom, so they can give you some suggestions and the type of materials needed to achieve the results based on your plan.

They must also operate within your budget, so you must be firm when setting your expectations and goals. It would also be great if you choose a renovation provider that can handle the entire renovation for you. From the removal of your old vanity and construction materials to painting services, they must have the manpower to give you the option you need.

The critical thing to remember is that the contractor must exceed your expectations and provide you the results that you aim for at an affordable price. Renovating a bathroom can be an enriching experience, but it doesn’t need to be expensive.

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