Is your home’s facade in need of a refresh? As the first thing people see when they pull up for a visit, the upkeep and overall appearance of this area of the home is vital for making a great impression. Fortunately, there are many ways to smarten up the front of your home and give its curb appeal a needed boost. Below, we’ll go over five ways to do just that!

Clean Up Your Exterior

First things first, it’s best to tidy up and remove any grime that’s accumulated over the years. From moss-covered shutters to overlooked weeds, sorting out anything unappealing or messy provides a fresh start. A great suggestion is to consider using a pressure washer as an inexpensive — and satisfying — approach to getting a clean slate without a full-on paint job.

Plus, by having a blank canvas to work with, you may feel more enthusiastic about the project as it progresses.

Redo Your Windows

Maybe not as big of a project as you think, updating your windows can be very effective in improving curb appeal and, subsequently, raising the resale value of your home. Modernizing any warped or cracked windows should also reduce energy waste which helps you save on utility bills down the line.

The market for windows is wide open with all sorts of possibilities to choose from and match your preferences, such as Marvin signature windows. To narrow down your choices, it helps to speak with the experts when you’re shopping around. Just be mindful of the home’s original architectural style as mismatched window designs could have a negative effect.

Update Your Front DoorBoost Your Home interior

Along the same lines as windows, replacing or restoring your front door is a relatively quick and easy way to boost curb appeal. Whether you want to slap on a fresh coat of paint in a new color or swap out an outdated design for something modern, this project can really pull a new look together without requiring a significant financial investment. One popular trend is to go bold with the door paint color. A bright red, golden yellow or coastal blue could make a noteworthy difference and give your home unique charm.

Install a Fence

Of course, this doesn’t mean a tall privacy enclosure meant to keep eyes off. Rather, this route is about using a small fence that’s under 32” to convey a warm, timeless vibe. You could go with a white picket fence to match the new windows or a wrought iron fence for more sophisticated scheme playing up the existing architecture. Another idea is to install just a small section of fencing along one corner of the lot to place some charismatic décor or plant a colorful flower garden.

Plant With Purpose

Speaking of planting, there are so many ways to spruce up your front yard and porch with plant life. You could hook up a pair of hanging plants on either side of the door, pick out a few colorful outdoor vases to position next to the steps or go all out with layers of strategic landscaping. The key is to not go overboard. Choose flowers that contrast with the exterior without overshadowing the rest of the décor.

You could also mount window boxes painted the same hue as the door or window shutters. This solution is a simple way to adorn the facade with plants that can blossom, bloom and bring out the best in your home’s curb appeal.

Quick Tips

Lastly, here are some final words of advice before you go!

  • Take on one project at a time.
  • Don’t wait until something chips, breaks or rots to make a change.
  • Use small accents to make a big difference, like vibrant throw pillows for the porch furniture, personalized seasonal garden flags, etc.
  • Play up your pathway.
  • Consider vining plants.
  • Remember to support the house’s overall structure and architectural style.

Mauricio Jaimes is CEO of Davis Window and Door — a one-stop solution for the perfect replacement, remodeling and new construction of windows and doors.

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