Water and fire damages are the worst disasters anyone could ever experience. At the time of a catastrophic event, homeowners and business owners are often not in the right state of mind. After experiencing a huge calamity like flood or fire disaster, finding the right restoration expert in Raleigh NC can be a daunting task.

Making the decision to hire the water restoration expert is the last thing people do, but this is the most important decision to be made at the time after experiencing disaster.

This article enlists the most important questions you must ask when hiring a water restoration expert or company.

How many years’ of experience do they have?

Experience is the best teacher. So, select a company who has been in the industry of water restoration for long enough to deal with the water damage problems effectively. With the years’ of experience you have a guarantee that you are hiring an expert to deal with water damage problems at your home or business.

What is their restoration process?

The restoration company that you are going to hire should have a standard process to deal with the issues of water and fire damages. Although not all type of damages requires the same process, there should be some standard steps they should follow.

It may include the following steps:

  • Emergency response: As soon as you call the company for the restoration service, they should be immediately available 24 hours because time is very crucial when dealing with the water damages.
  • Inspection: The Company should inspect the affected areas and identify the type of water and category of water damage to perform their job accurately.
  • Water Removal: At the time of water damage, they need to cover each and every area which is affected by the calamity, even the hidden areas with moisture.
  • Drying process: After the water extraction, they will measure the temperature and humidity of the room to provide the right equipment to dry the place.
  • Restoration: This step includes the repairs of the cracked window or doors and installation of a new roof or fixing of the damaged property.

What drying techniques and equipment do they use?

It is very hard to detect the hidden moisture with the naked eye. It requires advanced techniques and equipment to test that the water is extracted completely. So, the company that you will hire must be well-equipped with modern equipment to offer you satisfactory results.

How much time will it take to restore my property?

Usually, a company takes 3-5 days to restore your property with the water damage. But it depends on the size of the loss to your property due to damage. How bad it was and how much of your building materials involved in it?

The company that you will hire should know all the pros and cons of proper and improper handling of every water damage problem.

Do their technicians have the necessary certifications?

The company’s staff should be trained and certified to deal with water damage restoration issues. It is one of the biggest advantages of hiring a company for restoration- as you know that your property is in the expert’s hands.

Is their company licensed and insured?

Every country or state has its laws and regulations that must be followed. A licensed company has the expertise and experience to do the job well. Although a license does not guarantee quality, it ensures that the company has adequate knowledge to deal with the restoration issues.

You wouldn’t want to deal with another big disaster with the wrong restoration company after the water damage you just had. Ask these questions to your water restoration company and hire the right one.

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