Hiring the right contractor for the bathroom renovation is one of the most important steps towards getting the desired results. It is not uncommon for the renovation work to go wrong.

The primary reason for such disasters is hiring the wrong team. Some of the nightmares include: poor workmanship, mounting bill and in the worst case, the contractors vanishing without finishing the job.

Majority of the people need the help of bathroom renovation services in NYC as they are not good at DIYs. If you want the right renovation work done, you need to hire the right team. Even the most obvious mistakes while hiring a bathroom contractor can cost you a lot of money and time.

The solution lies in hiring the best team for your renovation work. Here are some of the hiring mistakes you need to avoid:

Do a Little Research

Don’t outsource your search for a reliable contractor to anyone. Do a little research on bathroom renovation services in NYC. Even when you ask for recommendation from your family and friends, don’t forget to check them online or visit consumer forums to cross-check their credentials.

Ask for proof of insurance

A bathroom renovation contractor must have the proper documents to support their authenticity claim. Insurance is an important factor when it comes to hiring the right team. Make sure that the company holds personal liability, workers’ compensation and property damage insurance coverage.

The insurance coverage will provide you protection against any damage done to your property when the renovation work was going on. The company offering insurance is reliable and proves that they do care about their customers.

Check the company’s past performance with the BBB

The BBB – Better Business Bureau – offers ratings on companies based on their performance and their customer’s review. You can check the past performance of any of the bathroom renovation services in NYC with BBB.

You can easily see how the particular service is performing based on the rating. The website of BBB provide information about the company and also help resolve any complaint it may have. The information will help you make the right decision. They have almost 400,000 company information and are obviously one of the best places to find the right info.

Ask to see the contractor’s license

It is important that the contractors have up-to-date license. Some companies may lose the license for not adhering to the building rules and regulation of the locality. You can consult the local building department to check whether the company has proper license or not.

The licensing requirements can vary from state to state and its municipality. When you contact the department they can tell you whether the bathroom renovation service provider have proper license or not.

You will be surprise to know how many fraud companies can be active in an area. The only way you can avoid bathroom renovation disaster is by obtaining the right info.

Ask for a list of references

Asking for references is one of the best ways to find the right bathroom contractor in NYC. You can call a few of them to verify the claim of the company.

References can be faked. By calling the past customers, you can ask about the kind of projects the company worked on and if they were satisfied by the service. You will also gain idea on how efficient the team was, the time they took to complete the project and how talented the team was.

References can be of great help when it comes to choosing the right one from many bathroom renovation services in NYC. Good companies will offer the references or testimonial on their website. All you need to do is verify them.

Interview contractors

It is important that you and your contractor are on the same page when it comes to renovation work. You should interview more than one contractor for the job. Get to know them by telling about your renovation ideas. Make sure that the contractor you are hiring understands your requirements.

Communication is essential for choosing the right contractor. They should be polite, informative, helpful and expert in their field. You will get to know what kind of contractor they are when you interview them

Ask for written proposals and estimates

You need to ask for written proposals and estimates from the contractors even if they are reputed and have high recommendation. It will save you from unnecessary expenses. You pay what you see.

A good contractor will tell you upright how much the renovation will cost. The written estimates will also help you in sticking to your budget.

The Bottom Line

Hiring the right team for your renovation work is the key to getting quality work done. You can avoid any renovation disaster by hiring the right team for the job. Keep the important points in mind when hiring the contractor and have a great bathroom renovation in NYC.

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