When it comes to flooring, the design opportunities are endless. It’s also a major consideration in any property. From setting the tone of a room to providing comfort, choosing your flooring is a big deal.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you truly get the most out of your flooring.


Try to create continuity between rooms. For example, if you have decking outside, use wooden boards inside and make sure they all face the same direction. Having similar flooring throughout gives you a sense of space, and even if you use different colours or materials, alignment of the boards helps to create a sense of flow. Market Timbers can bring you timber flooring Melbourne homeowners make use of so check out the products they have on offer.

Ceramic tiles can work in place of wood

If you have your heart set of wooden floors, but don’t quite want to invest, you can opt for ceramic tiles that imitate wood. They come in tons of different colours, too. You can even match other patterns of flooring to make an attractive connection between two spaces.

Bring the outdoors in with vinyl

Enhance your outdoors in look with the help of vinyl flooring inside your home. It’s the perfect way to create a seamless flow between outside and inside.

Use vinyl for an industrial look, too

The industrial trend is in full swing, but you don’t have to have actual concrete floors if you don’t want to. In fact, there are vinyl flooring options complete with different colour schemes and shades that pull off the industrial look perfectly.

Vinyl effect flooring offers the benefit of being much warmer and softer than concrete flooring. With concrete floors, you need to have the surface properly sealed because if moisture gets in, you create a breeding ground for mildew.

What’s more vinyl flooring allows for a wide range of designs and concepts. From retro designs and bright shades to neutrals and everything in between, you can create the perfect floor for your space.

Create a retro look with patterned ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are another way to embrace the industrial trend or even a retro look. Retro patterns tend to work well with industrial style furniture, too. Patterned ceramic tiles, especially, work in every room of the home, while retro inspired patterns make the perfect impact in a living room.

These days, there seems to be a trend towards tiles being used throughout homes instead of just bathrooms, hallways and kitchens. And with so many colours, shapes and patterns available, it’s easy to see why.

Monochrome tiles are classic

Patterns in monochrome are a wonderful choice if you want to achieve a traditional look. Grey and cream or black and white are popular choices for kitchens and they work very well in modern interiors, too.

Consider reclaimed flooring

For a traditional style, wooden floors are a popular choice. They’re warm and attractive, and one big trend at the moment is to use reclaimed wood that comes from a wide range of sources. Best of all, when you use reclaimed flooring, you can create a really unique look as no two floors will every quite look alike. Use reclaimed wood and driftwood for a Shaker-style look.

These are just 7 tips to really get the most out of your flooring.

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