Having one’s house burned into ashes is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Because of this one reason or the other, more than 350000 people are affected by it in the USA alone. With economical damage, these house fires also bring grief, and loss of possessions and articles that we had emotional connectivity with. The government provides fire extinguishing facilities in every place. For example, in the events of house fire damage, Macon, GA. The services provided are:

  • Emergency Contact
  • Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment
  • Board-up and Roof-trap Services
  • Water, Smoke, and Soot Removal
  • Cleaning/Sanitization
  • Restoration

Factors that Affect the Time of restoration

The time taken to repair a house burn varies a lot. Different factors result in different periods required for restoration. The below-listed factors are the main factors that contribute to the time taken for repairing house fire damage:

#1 Size of the Fire:

The size of the fire is the biggest reason that contributes to the time taken for a fire damage restoration process. On this basis, the severity of the fire is divided into three categories: small fire, medium fire, large fire.

(i). Small Fire:

When the damage is caused by small fires, like grease fires in kitchens, it causes a little damage and does not require much work of cleaning and reconstruction. In such cases, the restoration period ranges from 1 to 3 days.

(ii) Medium Fire:

If the damage is caused by medium-sized fires, like a fire in your room, this will cause damage to the walls, possessions kept there, furniture and electrical sockets and appliances. In these types of fires, cleaning and reconstruction are required. The restoration of the damage caused by these fires takes several days to weeks.

(iii). Large Fire:

In a large-sized fire, the repairing process is lengthy and tedious. These types of fires require the residents to evacuate. Then the cleaning process starts (or the house has to break down in certain cases completely). The cleaning process will require professionals to do it safely. After this, the air has to be cleaned off of soot, dust, and harmful gases that were not produced during the fire break. If these things are not taken care of, then the residents will face difficulties in future times, as these gases are hazardous both for humans and pets. Then the reconstruction takes place. These types of fire that cause extensive damage can take a period of a few months or more.

#2 Budget:

The higher budget the affected homeowner has, the better of a contractor they will get. If the contractor is paid a high amount, then they will have more employees and do the work faster and give the end product of better quality.

#3 Finding A Contractor:

It takes time to find someone responsible and eligible who will be able to reconstruct those ashes back into a home. Often the victim house-owners select any contractor they find, and this results in delayed work and poor quality of the end product. The house owners should take some time and compare a good amount of contractors and then find the best one for themselves at an affordable price. Selecting someone whom you can trust and rely on, and who will offer a good service, takes a significant amount of time.

#4 Size of the House:

The house size also plays a crucial role in how long the restoration process will take. Large houses will require a higher budget and longer time for restoration, than the houses of smaller sizes.

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