You don’t have to wait to see some of your fittings and furniture get broken or outdated before you make time for home improvement projects.

Whether your home needs some cleaning or you just want to improve its look for increased convenience, having a specific plan to follow is important. It may include the objectives, list of priority tasks to accomplish, the budget needed and your preferred schedule to ensure everything will work out perfectly.

Updating your home can be tedious and costly especially if you hire a professional to complete the required tasks for the project. But there are lots of home improvement hacks that you can try just by browsing online or sourcing ideas from a handy neighbor. Below are some amazing tips to apply without shedding too much sweat and blood:

Painting Never Gets Old

Painting is a popular home improvement method most homeowners resort to when doing a few alterations. One of the essential factors to consider when enhancing your home’s appearance is choosing the right paint color. Not only does it help lessen the overall cost but it also provides a stunningly beautiful result if done neatly and professionally.

For instance, if you want to give your old-looking bathroom a unique makeover, you may try painting some parts of the wall with thick striped patterns. A paintbrush, measuring tape and painter’s tape are only few of the materials that you can use for the job. Keeping a handy paint jar for minimal touch-ups is also good to consider to easily prepare when the need arises.

Washing Machine Makeover

Doing the laundry can be one of the most tiring jobs but giving your washing machine or dryer a new look can somehow make the load lighter. Some homeowners use electrical tape with plain or different colors to play with the designs that they like. You can try a polka-dot, striped or floral pattern depending on the desired outcome you’re expecting.

The good thing about it is you can be free and flexible to mix and match the patterns without harming its functionality. Sticky residues may be a problem but buying a residue or goo remover can solve the issue! You just to need to buy the materials from your local hardware store and ask for assistance to get the job done with ease.

Power Drill Brush

Scrubbing doesn’t have to be painfully boring with an improvised power scrubber. You won’t need to shell out money if you have a cordless drill, an ordinary scrub brush and a cleansing agent as your cleaning materials. Not only can they help you clean the sink and other related features around the kitchen and the bathroom but they can also lessen the hassle of manual scrubbing.

Window Dressing

Whether it’s vertical blinds, roller shades or customized curtains, you’re free to dress up your draperies depending on your design and style preferences. Not only does it create a statement but it can also help in regulating the amount of light directing into your home.

If you like to be creative, you can use old linens and sew them to make it more personalized. It works both in the aesthetic and functionality aspect of the window fittings.

Baby Oil as Paint Remover

Paint on the skin is a common pet peeve for most DIY homeowners. While the outcome is often expected, it’s good to try using baby oil when removing paint marks from your hands or any area of your skin. Make sure to apply it in a circular motion for a more gentle and effective procedure.

Likewise, if you plan to revamp your entry or kitchen door, apply a fair amount of petroleum jelly in your door hinges before painting. This is to help reduce the pains of removing the paint from these mechanisms.

Movable Artwork and Picture Frames

Hanging a painting to cover a thermostat box or any device that can be an eyesore is a way to go. You may display a wall art or a piece that you love seeing every day.

With little hinges and screws, you can affix the frame without having to worry about replacing them with a different portrait or artwork in the future.

Another way to cover up the thermostat is to surround it with picture frames. Doing so compels the eye to get distracted with various frames and makes it less unnoticeable.

Updated Cabinet Handles

If you’re tired of seeing the same old style on your drawer pulls, getting a new set of decorated cabinet handles is one of the quickest improvement hacks you can give to your home.

Whether it’s a standard or bespoke design, you can choose from various colors and patterns available according to what the furniture needs. This is a perfect alternative that doesn’t require homeowners to replace the entire cabinetry and purchase a new one.

No More Paint Drips

Make sure to cover the ground with a cloth or old newspaper to prevent paint drips on the floor. If you want to lessen the amount of drip present on the paintbrush handle, you can try taking an old plastic lid and cut a hole (exactly the shape that fits the size of the handle) in its center. Pulling it over near the brush head can help catch paint drips.

Switch Plates Switching

Switch plate covers may not get the best of your attention and may be one of the last things you’ll consider upgrading, but they play a significant role (little things matter!) in hiding electrical wirings and toggles as well as connect them to the plug.

Whether they’re in the kitchen, your bedroom or living area, it pays to give them a makeover as other homeowners put little or no effort in enhancing them. While decorated covers are available and can be bought in the market, it’s good to improve them yourself for a change. If you want metallic or black, you can use a spray paint to give the switch covers a glittery or bold finish. Likewise, if you plan to take it into your room, you can cover the entire wall with a removable wallpaper and blend it with the switch plate cover.

Pull-out Bins

Building a rolling rubbish and recycling bin in your kitchen helps reduce cooking pains and make the preparation process quicker. Placing the bins in the cabinet that’s under the sink or your working area easily sorts out trash and recyclables.

Not only does it hide the bins out of sight but it also allows homeowners to properly manage their waste materials and food residues with less time and effort.

Re-purposed Windows and Bottles

Building a greenhouse in your home using old window panels and frames is a great idea to consider. Whether you’re a garden lover or you just want to lighten up the atmosphere with lovely plants and flowers, you can use recycled materials such as old windows and bottles to give your potted plants a greener refuge.

Also, instead of throwing away used window frames, recreate it into a wall mirror. You just have to replace the glass panes with mirrors and glue them together for a sturdy and beautiful result.

Room Layout

Nothing is more simple and less costly than reshuffling your own room or living space. Altering your interior’s existing layout includes changing the position of your furniture pieces and furnishings.

This home improvement tip can be fun and exciting especially if you want to see your property in a different angle (and if done with other house members). It also gives homeowners the opportunity to identify unused items and take them out of their property.

DIY has no standard rules.

The “I” in DIY is no accident, but not all projects can be done successfully through DIY practices.

While it has no rules to follow, both your safety and investments are at stake whenever you perform DIY methods. So it’s important to keep a good balance between your capacity to work without supervision and your outlook towards your wellbeing.

Make sure to get assisted by professionals when complex jobs such as electrical and plumbing works are required.

Get Your Home Improvement Skills Going

Attending short course programs and volunteering to community activities can help increase your knowledge and develop your handyman skills. While it’s better and safer to ask a professional to assist you with your project, investing in classes and other resources is a huge advantage.

Learning and getting help from others can also make every job quicker and more doable. You can even create your own list once you’ve mastered those home improvement tips and compile yours.

Not all DIY hacks will work out well since every home has a different set of needs and preferences. But the best thing is you can apply what you’ve learned from the others and see if it’s applicable. Otherwise, you can try something new until you discover what works best for your home.

It’s just a matter of time and dedication before you get to see the results. The real deal is, how much effort are you willing to exert to continuously enhance your property?

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