Thanksgiving is one of the main holidays in the United States. It takes place on the 4th of November every year and since 1862, it has become a public holiday. Friends and family come together to attend the Thanksgiving dinner in order to be thankful for the blessings in life. Turkey roast, sweet mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet corn, cranberry sauce, bread rolls, vegetables of the season and pumpkin pie are a few of the delicacies that are placed on the dinner table.

However, have you wondered how to keep the interior décor looking fresh and welcoming for the guests? Throwing a cozy blanket on the couch or assembling candles on the mantel are a few of the things that can have a huge impact. Here, we will give you a few Thanksgiving home improvement ideas to organize stuff so that by the time Thanksgiving arrives you are ready to greet the guests and enjoy a relaxing time at your residence.

Kitchen updates

The kitchen is the place where most of the action happens at this time of the year. Refurbishing your cabinets can remodel your entire kitchen space. All you need to do is simply clean the cabinets with sandpaper and then stain or paint them in a new shade.

Another way you can renovate the kitchen space is to install a backsplash. To add a traditional yet modern look you can install a beadboard backsplash. Alternatively, glass tiles come in various shades and add a touch of elegance and glamour to the design. The good news is that tiling doesn’t need any professional that you might think, and you can get peel-and-stick versions of many backsplash materials.

Keep the heat in

As Thanksgiving rolls around, the weather gets noticeably cooler. There’s nothing worse than guests complaining that your home is too cold. One of the best home improvements you can make before Thanksgiving is to invest in home insulation. Good insulation inhibits the transfer of heat and ensures that the hot air isn’t lost. Therefore, this Thanksgiving keep the utility bills low by investing in home insulation and keeping the cold air out and the guests in!

Invest in cork flooring

Cork is eco-friendly and easier to install than conventional hardwood. Most companies make cork floors similar to interlocking panels that snap together without nails or glue and can easily be placed over current flooring – which means your home can get an instant makeover in a single afternoon.

Warm and light up the welcoming area

A well-kept entry looks warm and welcoming like no other. By refinishing and painting the front door of the house you can increase the curb appeal. A few potted plants and new hardware can go a long way to make your guests feel comfortable as soon as they step inside the house.

Your front and backyard should be in tip-top shape, just before Thanksgiving. Taking care of the lawn is one of the simplest but most essential home improvement projects that can make your house stand out. A beautifully manicured lawn that’s mowed and raked will get you a lot of accolades from friends and family. Additionally, as the leaves are falling off, it’s important to keep the roof clean and the gutters clear. Weather and wear and tear can reflect on your back deck, but a little polishing can make the deck look as good as new.

Break the mold

Enhance the finishing of your room by adding crown molding. Traditionally installing crown molding was a pain as you needed to get the angles and measurements right. However, now you will get premade moldings made from lightweight foam. They can be cut easily and are installed without a joint compound.

However, molding doesn’t need to be limited to the ceiling. One can simply increase the architecture of the house walls by adding geometrical shapes which complement the existing structure of the house. A visually appealing molding can give your home get an instant makeover and delight your guests.

Setting the table

The tablecloths need to be red, golden, maple or beige for Thanksgiving. If you have kids at the table, then choose darker colors as that will ensure that the table looks clean all night and there are fewer stains at the end of the dinner.

You will find many styles for Thanksgiving tablecloths. For themed decoration, it’s better to opt for tablecloths with detailing of autumn leaves and turkeys. If the event is more elegant and formal, then choose a plain tablecloth with embroidery detailing only at the corners.

By following the characteristic fall color, you can put a white or brown tablecloth. Canvas cloth gives a rustic effect and isn’t expensive. However, if the table is wide, wooden and large, then there is no need for a tablecloth, just complement it with a few details.

You can prepare the centerpiece with candles and dried flowers to create a warm, kind and familiar environment. Napkins can carry a simple rustic appeal. White napkins with brown ribbons can be placed at the center of the plate and add a sign with the name of the guest.

Lastly, if you want to surprise the guests at the table, then a mini card with Thanksgiving thoughts and phrases can brighten up the night. However, to maintain elegance, it’s important not to overdo the décor. Keep intact the natural goodness of your home by embracing ‘less is more’.

Key considerations – Colors of Thanksgiving

Warm autumn colors are the typical shades for Thanksgiving. Red, maple, beige, yellow, brown and green are the most common tones. All these shades are matte and dark providing a winter look. You can creatively add these shades to your house as a part of the home décor. Tablecloths, curtains and small detailing can help you add these shades and you can easily remove them whenever you want – without the worry of making significant changes to the color scheme of your house.

Adding autumn themes might be basic but is an important element in Thanksgiving decorations.

Final words

If you want to impress your guests this Thanksgiving dinner, then a sumptuous dinner is important and these Thanksgiving home improvement ideas can create the perfect ambience. Thanksgiving is approaching fast, so prepare your home to look special at this time of the year and surprise your friends and family.

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