It is quite difficult to design and decorate small bedrooms due to the main key factor of furniture that is the bed. Although, you place a large bed in your small room, but it doesn’t mean that you have to kill your sense of style plus a sense of space. If you follow some simple bedroom design and decoration rules and color techniques, you will get amazed to see how quickly a room transforms its look.

In this blog, we have gathered around 20 small bedroom decorating ideas for your question: “how to make my room look bigger?” From simple designing tips to final bedroom decorations, go through this article to get the ideas that will definitely work for your bedroom.

Repaint your bedroom to make it look bigger

Try to choose light colors for your bedroom

A light color is a way to reflect the light in your bedroom, that makes it look brighter. On the contrary, darker colors absorb the reflection of light which makes a room seem more constricting and smaller. Lively the mixture of gray and white colors gives a pleasant effect in a bedroom and makes it feel larger. So whenever you think about painting your small bedroom, try to avoid dark colors.

Choose Monochromatic paint

Coordination plays the leading role in any room design and painting the room is the first step. Try to choose monochromatic paint colors overall the room to generate space and fluidity. If you paint your room with opposite or different colors, it will inevitably segment off portions of the bedroom when you view, and it will give a smaller look. You can use golden and brown Hades to coordinate the color flow.

Make the trim a slightly lighter-colored

You can try another optical illusion, by selecting a lighter color than the walls for the trim of your room. It will make your eyes see depth. When you incorporate this simple technique in your small bedroom, it will make you feel like the walls of the room are farther away, presenting you a roomier feeling room. Use the white or sky blue trim color around the doorframe as well as the ceiling with the blue shade walls.

Make the ceilings darker or paint a bold pattern

You will find this technique interesting as you particularly trick the eye to look upward. Darker colors or patterns which pop up will help draw your eyes look upward which makes the illusion of height even when there isn’t a high ceiling in your bedroom.

You can have a fun bedroom ceiling by painting it dark blue night sky.

Change your furniture look to make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Place space-saving furniture

Not all small bedroom decoration techniques create optical illusions. Of course, when you have less furniture in your bedroom, it will make it seem more significant. One of the simple solutions is to raise your bedroom with the help of risers and place your clothes underneath the bed.

There is also a large variety of beds with built-in storage beneath in the market. But, you can’t stop there, be creative with the rest of the small bedroom ideas. Use folding desks and chairs which you can store when they are not in use.

Avoid the use of excessive furniture

There is not always the need of two bedside tables, particularly in a small bedroom. This trick may be simple on paper but can be relatively harder in practice. Everyone like to have extra things to make his life easier and comfortable, but when there is less in your room, the less furniture will make it look much bigger. When you place one bed on the floor and only one table as room furniture, this pair will help room give a more prominent look.

Be creative

You can use a futon which you can double as a couch during the day, and it will give space during the day. You can also purchase a Pullman bed. It will help you maximize floor space during the daytime when you don’t get sleep. Moreover, a hammock is there for you if you want to place the bed in the lounge. It will not take the floor space. Use multiple children bunk bed for your kids.

Keep the furniture that is low to the ground

Avoid using tall chairs, tables and the high headboard in your small bedroom. If you have the furniture low to the ground, you are successful in creating more space above, that keeps the wall cleaner and ceiling look higher as well.

Place transparent furniture

Use a glass table top instead of your wooden desk. Both of them takes the same amount of space in your room, but the trick to your eye will make it feel like a glass table top doesn’t occupy any space. Place some acrylic or Lucite chairs around your desk to present a minimal visual impact workspace that changes the whole bedroom look.

Use furniture with exposed legs:

You can get the illusion of space by presenting the legs of your furniture. In this way, your room will give a more significant look. If you want to place beside tables, you can expose their legs to get the sense of space.

Try Built-in shelving around bedding

Here is another idea for small bedroom design. Build shelves around your bed and recess the bed a little, this way you can use the bed for two purposes, i.e., sleeping and storing.

Decorate Your Room To Make It Look Bigger

Try to Stay out of the middle zone

Try leaving the space above hanging art to present the illusion of a taller wall. Although, if there are shelves or other storage in your bedroom, make sure to keep it close to the ceiling to catch the eye upwards. You may use a low shelf and low hanging photo and leave much more space above.

Mirrors create ultimate illusion

If there is a bare wall or door in your small bedroom, you may add some wall mirror design make a bigger appearance. Mirrors always reflect light, but if you have a cleverly angled mirror, you can create depth or height with it. Everyone likes mirrors that go floor-to-ceiling. You can change it by utilizing mirrored closet doors. You can also place the mirror near the window.

Consider Color code:

Try to use coordinating colors throughout the room. Use the pillow covers that match your wall art as coherence makes the best effect in a small bedroom. You can try the color-coded design to give your room a natural flow look. The combination of white and blue works the best for a calm environment in the small bedroom.

Mount shelves of the room

You can free up walking space and keep things off by mounting shelves. Utilize them to store picture frames, books or clothes. However, be careful to paint the shelves with the shades coordinated throughout your bedroom. Organize the items on the shelves and try to color-code everything. You can construct these shelves above your kid’s desk which not only free up space but also keep things organized.


You can make your room a clutter free that creates the sense of space and make it look bigger. Store your clothes in a cupboard, loose pennies in your piggy bank and pencils in your jars.

In this way, you will have a clean desktop for working and a free floor for walking. The entire room will give a nice and bigger look.

Try to keep Empty space

Some people don’t know the value of empty space. It doesn’t seem sensible if you fill all of your shelves to the extent of a brim. Empty space plays an important role in making a smaller room look bigger. This empty space allows the room to breathe a bit.

Smaller lamps

You can use different smaller lamps around your room instead of placing a lone source of light in the middle of the ceiling. This way your eyes will go around your room, feeling large space.

Bold wall art

Here is another idea for making the smaller room look bigger. Try using a single piece of art instead of hanging numerous photos. A single piece of art will make your eye focus on a point in the room, providing it with more structure and depth. You can use canvas prints that might be your great choice. The size of the canvas prints is an essential factor for the appearance of a smaller room. You can hang a luxurious piece of art above your bed to catch the eyes toward the one point in your bedroom.

Coordinate horizontally or vertically

If you ever imagine your room as a large drawing or drawing, you will observe that the coordinated lines in the room make you feel free space in the room. If there are vertical lines and patterns everywhere in the room, but then all of a sudden, a horizontal comes, it clears up the flow of the room, and make it seem smaller. Don’t mix them.

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