Creating a gallery wall is one of the best ways to make your home look more attractive. They are also one of the most affordable ways to decorate the walls without going broke.

Whether you want to make a style statement or make your walls look livelier gallery walls can help you transform your living space into something stunning. Your blank wall is like a clean canvas and you have the chance to be creative with it. Creating a gallery wall can be done with things you have at home and with the help of a few tools you can easily achieve your wall decorating goals.

In this article we will tell how to make a gallery wall with some practical tips and style ideas:

Find out your style

It’s your wall, it’s your rules. It is only imperative to use your personal interest to make a gallery wall. Are you a fan of plates or paintings or newspaper cuttings? No matter what you are passionate about you can use that idea to create a theme based gallery wall.

Another way to make a gallery wall is to use your personal photographs of your family and friends. This is one of the common themes for gallery walls.

Choose the right colors

Now that you have selected a theme for your gallery wall, it’s time to choose the right color. It is important to create harmony between the wall colors and the theme you choose. If the walls are bright like pink, then the photos or illustration you are using on the walls must be of contrasting to the wall colors so that both can stand out without hurting one another.

Choose the right Wall

There are four walls in the room even if it’s made of glasses. But not every wall will make a good gallery. You need to choose the wall that will make a perfect impression you want to create.

You can choose the blank space behind your TV in the living room to create the gallery wall. Or you can use the blank space above the fireplace to create your gallery. The idea is to choose the wall that will make gallery most impressive and make your home look most stylish and awesome.

How to Make a Gallery Wall with right frames

If you are an art collector then using frames of similar themes will make the work look more elegant. You can put everything inside the frame, even collection of coins. Make sure that the frames you choose are complementary to the theme you are going for.

Frames are one of the best ways to make anything look pretty. If you want to showcase a vintage news article on the wall, the frame will simply make it look more polished and graceful.

You can also save a lot of money by using reclaimed frames and using frames without the glasses. You can also go DIY with the frame making if you like.

Decide how you are going to hang the pieces

Whether its art collection of photos or anything that you have decided to put on the wall, the way they are arranged will make a huge difference.

You can arrange the frames in rows or columns so that they look aligned. Likewise, you can hang the pieces in different styles making the larger piece stand in the center with other smaller pieces arranged around it. There are many ways you can hang the pieces on the wall. All you need to do is find the right arrangement.

Use Different Themes Together

This is more a risk-taking idea and if you don’t do it right your whole space will look chaotic. At the same time, this will give you the chance to create something beautiful and bold. Choose items of different themes like a family photo, a painting, collection of antique pieces and more. Make sure that the things you choose look great together.

First, lay them on the floor and see if the décor style makes sense and if it does put them on the wall and make a style statement with something you love.

Create Gallery Wall with Shelves

Did you know that shelves can make your walls look classic and stylish? Shelves are one of the most impressive ways to make a gallery wall. Install the shelves on the wall and display your items.

The advantage of using the shelves is that you can easily update the items without having to hang them on the walls again and again. You can update the shelves regularly as you bring home newer things. You can create a gallery wall with your existing shelves too. Spruce those up with different color and it will be a cost-effective way to create a gallery wall.

These are some of the ideas on how to create a gallery wall at home. Some of them are easy, classic and modern. You can use several different ways to create the most stunning gallery wall décor.

Start creating your gallery wall today.

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