When you can do anything online — from taking classes to working and shopping — you might be wondering if you can even sell your house online? It may be no surprise to hear that you have several options if you want to sell your San Francisco house online and doing some research before you get started can help you find the best solution. From cash sales to going the more traditional route of working with a real estate agent, you can get your house sold before you know it.

Partner with a real estate agent

The most common way to sell a house is by hiring a professional real estate agent. Even if you want to use online channels to sell your home, a real estate agent can help you get the job done. An online tool like HomeLight’s agent matching platform can be a source to find an agent who can create an online listing for your home. Ask agents if they specialize in virtual showings, 3D or virtual reality presentations, or using social media or their website to make the most of online marketing.

Consider For Sale by Owner

Another option is to take on the task of selling your San Francisco home yourself, also known as For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Although not common — only 7 percent of home sales were FSBO in 2021 according to the National Association of Realtors — you may want to consider the pros and cons of this option. With this route, you can list your home on MLS (an online portal for real estate used by agents), and you won’t have to pay a real estate agent commission. However, unless you already have real estate contacts, marketing may be a challenge and you could sell your home for less without as many buyers to choose from. You’ll also need to take on all the administrative work of selling your home, along with the legal considerations.

Find a cash buyer

You may have heard that selling homes for cash is on the rise, especially in the Bay Area and there are many ways to make this possible online. You could opt to work with iBuyers (real estate technology companies that specialize in buying a home quickly) or work with HomeLight’s SimpleSale platform. With an iBuyer, you may receive an offer as quickly as within 24-48 hours. While cash offers might bring in less than a traditional real estate sale working with an agent, it can be worth it for the convenience that it offers.

With the power of the internet, it might be easier than you think to sell a home online. The best option for you and your home depends on many factors such as how comfortable you feel with online marketing and what your goals are. Setting your target for how much you want to sell your home for and your timeline can help you decide the best strategy.

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