Everyone loves a spick and span house, but the process is a little bit time-consuming if we start deep cleaning.

Keeping the house clean and tidy doesn’t require any big secret. To keep your home shiny and impeccable all the time just requires proper planning and quickness. The daily housekeeping is essential, but you need to make sure it doesn’t take up all your day. The time should be less involved rather than having some good habits to make them all in a hassle-free way. Nowadays, life has become so fast that you have to finish the daily cleaning task in limited time span.

Today, We share with you a few tips for cleaning the entire house in 1 hour which makes your daily cleaning easy so that you and your guests will fall in love with your sparkling clean house.

Keep the essentials ready

Always keep the cleaning stuff handy like take a bucket and place the major cleaning stuff in it like a roll of disposable cleaning cloths, all-purpose cleaner, and steel wool.

Target the pre-decided area first

Never rush to clean all corners at a time. Just divide the time into limited spans and follow the plan. Start from one room and after cleaning that proceed to others. If you have two floors then, start from the top floor then, ground. One key thing to dredge up that when the guest arrives they mainly visit the living room, dining room and sometimes toilet too, so always keep a time slot for these areas in your daily cleaning process.

Bedroom tip: make your bed

One can give a big and simplest start to cleaning task by making the bed in the morning. A well-made bed gives a fresh look to your room.

Some of you might think that making the bed is not necessary or it’s just a waste of time, but hold on, do you know this is the first step in making a room looks tidy? Yes, it’s true and it only takes a couple of minutes to make your bed. Moreover, it kickstarts the day perfectly well, as you will love to sleep well at a clean bed at night. To ease your bed making process, simplify your bed covers as much as possible and just try to use a washable and duvet cover. To enhance the look of your bedsheet, just minimize then pile of pillows from your bed or you can use a large comforter that doesn’t need to wrap inside your bedsheets.

Quickly collect the clutter

In a rush, we keep things here and there but when you start cleaning, first collect the clutter from the floor in a basket about which you are not quite sure and keep the basket aside. But if you get few minutes left then feel free to put away the basket stuff in the right place.

Making a home look tidy and shiny can become complicated if your home has a great amount of clutter that you should declutter and get rid of as soon as possible. Try to throw away the things that you are never going to use and if those things can be reusable then give it for charity. By decluttering all the mess will make your home look warm and pleasant.

Kitchen and laundry

Quickly grab the dirty clothes in your laundry basket and give the washing machine a once-over. Meanwhile, go to the kitchen and load and run the dishwasher. Quickly clean the countertop and arrange the items on the place. With this tip, you can target two areas at a time.

Daily habit also should include that you never go to sleep without washing your dinner dishes. Instead of letting crockery pile up in the sink and become greasy with oily food, clean your dishes just after dinner. This habit will definitely help you in thanking yourself later on! So, try to wash all the dishes whenever you find your sink cluttered and make a clear way for a new day.

If your dirty laundry is piling up, then it’s the high time for you to be proactive! Put a load of dirty laundry for washing every morning and as soon as you finish up with your breakfast, put washed clothes into the dryer. Having a regular habit of washing clothes will make it a less of a chore for you!

Sweep away the dust

Now it’s time to sweep away the dust from the surfaces like tables, countertops, and floor. Use feather duster which covers lots of area in one go for sofas, tables, and windows. For floor and mats bring out the star, the vacuum cleaner and get the work done in few minutes.

Swift bathroom and toilet cleaning

While going to cleaning the bathroom and toilet, first opt to spray the toilet and sink with scrubbing bubbles as they need some time to work their magic. At the same time you can arrange the things on a place in the bathroom like perfumes, hair dryers, and shaving creams, etc. and give a quick cleaning to faucets with your preferred cleaning agent. For the mirror cleaning, use a microfiber cloth.

Fresh ambiance

In the end, spray some soothing fragrance to create a fresh ambiance.

Friends, hope you found the tips useful, but if you love deep cleaning and running short on time then, you can hire residential cleaning services in NJ.

Clean the wardrobes

Begin with wardrobe cleaning; give away the clothes that you don’t use. Unwanted clothes cause clutter in your closet. Take a large box and put all the clothes that you don’t wear. Sort and arrange your wardrobe according to your dress choice and clothing options. Keep the box in your storeroom. This will also create more space for new clothes.

Disinfect garbage cans

It’s important to wash and disinfect your garbage cans from time to time. This helps to eliminate the foul smell and keep the area clean. You can wash this with vinegar and water solution. You can also use natural disinfect solution for cleaning of garbage cans. This method helps to eliminate bacteria as well. Do this after every three or four days.

Vacuum clean your furniture

If you don’t have time, then you can opt for vacuum cleaning at weekends. Do use a good vacuum cleaner to vacuum your furniture. Clean your sofas, tables and other upholstery. It is important to do this in winters as there are germs accumulated in the area. It’s a quick way to get rid of dust and bacteria from your furniture and upholstery.

Clean doors and artwork

People often do not clean doors and other frames of artwork in the home. It’s equally important to pay heed to these things. Clean all your doors with a good microfiber cloth. Also, the main door of your house. Also, clean the artwork and painting of your home with a clean cloth. This keeps your home clean and tidy.

Clean the kitchen

It’s important to clean your kitchen cabinets after every three-four days in winters. Take a microfiber cloth and dip it in a cleaning solution. Clean all the kitchen cabinets for spills and stains. Also, clean the cutting and chopping board as it can accumulate a lot of dust. If your kitchen is clean, you will indeed stay healthy.

Clean your windows

Window cleaning can be a tough job but you can opt for window cleaning on weekends. You can also contact home cleaning services NJ for complete window cleaning solutions. Use an easy method for cleaning your windows. Take a part of vinegar and a part of water and clean your windows. You can then wipe the windows with a microfiber cloth to make it shine.

Clean furnace filters and AC filters

You can clean the furnace filters and air conditioning filters using a solution. Maximum dust is accumulated in these areas. Do this every weekend to keep it clean. Make a habit of Nightly Clean-up. By making it a daily family habit for around 15 minutes clean up every night. Family habit means involve your family members too in the house cleaning process. In the process of top cleaning priorities, you should include the task like sweeping the kitchen floor after washing dishes, wiping the kitchen counter, organize shoes at shoe rack, rearrange the living room like setting sofa cushions etc. Kids can also help you in cleaning home while you do other household chores.

Good luck!

This post was written by Guest Author, Adriana Smith, blogger. I am working with a brand named SG cleaning Services which is well a known cleaning company in New Jersey and provide cleaning services like commercial, home, carpet, window cleaning services.

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