Australia is one of the most sought-after countries among people with a goal to plant roots and succeed. It offers a wide range of opportunities, especially for people with the right skills. And in addition to its labor market, people from all over the world also admire and seek to experience the country’s gorgeous natural environment and rich culture.

If you are considering moving to an Australian state in the future, here is the ultimate guide to a successful and stress-free relocation to this awesome country.

5 Things You Must Know About Australia

1. Ski holidays in Australia are a thing

The Australian Alps is a place in Australia that gets more snowfall as compared to Switzerland. This is a fact that Aussie people boast of, so it is something for visitors and future expats to look forward to. The Southeast offers some of the best ski locations in the country, like the Perisher Resort which can be found on the Snow Mountains.

2. There is more to explore in Australia than its top cities

When asked about which places are worth visiting in Australia, most Aussies would suggest Melbourne and Sydney. But there are actually more great destinations to check out apart from cities.

Some great examples are the Kata Tjuta and Uluru which are considered must-see geological marvels because of their spectacular rock formations. Other national parks outside the cities that are worth visiting include the Blue Mountains, Wilsons Promontory, and Boodjamulla. Prepare to be awestruck by the remarkable sights these places offer.

3. Healthcare is free

In Australia, there is universal healthcare called Medicare, providing free healthcare services to permanent residents. Truthfully though, this isn’t free because you must pay for it through your taxes, but it is much cheaper compared to private healthcare.

Take note, however, that ambulance rides are not covered, so you might need to get some ambulance insurance. Otherwise, you must pay for it or take public transportation to get to a hospital if you are capable in the event that you need medical services.

4. Workers are well-respected

Australians respect the rights of their workers. They pay the highest minimum wage in the world and they implement a 40-hour work week. Moreover, the taxes they impose on low-income workers are not as high compared to other developed countries.

5. Vegemite is a vital part of Aussie life

Vegemite is a bitter, black paste that is found in about 90% of all Aussie household kitchens. Invented in 1922, this was made to replace Britain’s Marmite, although the two are quite different because the latter is sweeter and milder. Some people jokingly say that you are a true Australian citizen if you can eat a spoonful of Vegemite without making a face.

3 Reasons to Hire Removalists

The removal process can be difficult and laborious, but it does not have to be this way for you. You can hire professional removalists to make moving interstate in Australia stress-free. Here’s exactly how these pros can help you with your move.

1. They will do the heavy lifting

By taking on the more tedious tasks associated with moving, you will have more time to take care of other important tasks. For instance, removalists can pack all your items on your behalf with few disruptions to your day-to-day life. Also, they are faster and more efficient since they have done this task countless times. Moreover, they use the right equipment and tools for the job.

You can then have more time to spend on organizing your new home so you can adjust smoothly to the new location, instead of dealing with your things.

Professional removalists are accustomed to all the tasks associated with moving. You don’t have to exhaust yourself because these pros are more capable and qualified to do these tasks for you. The cost of hiring them will definitely be worth the time and energy you saved.

2. They will guarantee the safety of your items

Removalists are well-trained when it comes to packing and moving just about anything. They will guarantee that all your items, from small and fragile items to large, bulky furniture, will arrive at your new home damage-free.

By hiring an expert removalist, damage can be prevented, along with its associated costs. Remember that it takes experience and expertise to know exactly how to protect and move all types of items. And these pros have these covered, thus minimizing the risk of potential damage caused by movement, shock impact, and surface impacts.

3. Removalists have better resources

Removalists in Adelaide have the proper tools and materials to protect all your goods throughout the relocation process. They have all kinds of heavy-duty moving boxes and other packing materials like durable tapes and bubble wraps. Also, they have lifting equipment and trolleys to easily move heavy and bulky items, such as your sofa and appliances, thus preventing the unnecessary risk of injuries.

Additional Services Removalists Offer

  • Pre-Move Assist & De-Cluttering Service

Removalists can work with you to eliminate clutter in your house. This way, you will only move what is necessary, which then helps lower your removal cost. This service is highly recommended for the elderly, for those who are unwell, and those struggling with the removal process. Moreover, this service can be a huge help if you want to sell your house quickly before your move.

  • House Cleaning

Before handing out the property to its next owner, make sure that it is clean and tidy. Avoid the hassle of allotting cleaning hours before your departure by letting professional cleaners prepare the property for you. Some reputable removalists in Adelaide partner with exit cleaners who will ensure that the house is move-in ready for the next occupants. This service is actually a great way of enticing a potential home buyer to sign the sales agreement even before your moving date.

  • Storage

If you are moving overseas or to a smaller home, you may need a reliable storage space for some or all of your goods. Whether you will need to store your items for a short or long period of time, professional removalists usually offer safe and secure storage solutions that will match both your needs and budget. These storage facilities are guaranteed cost-effective and safe because they undergo gutter, roof, and electrical inspections bi-annually.

Expect that all your stored items will be handled with extreme care. Everything will be wrapped in durable plastic and covered with blankets to ensure their safety. Also, a complete inventory of all items you wish to store will be taken. After that, your goods will be modularised and labeled properly. And thanks to today’s advancements in technology, the records will be digitalized. This ensures that even if the paper records are lost or misplaced, the removalists will still know what you have stored and where the unit is located. This then makes item retrieval easy and stress-free.

  • Car and Pet Transport

If you need to bring your car with you to your new home, removalists can also help you. They will suggest the best way to transport your vehicle, along with the best insurance to cover it while in transit.

The same is true with relocating your pet. Professional removalists can help you move your household pet, regardless of whether it is a dog, a cat, a horse, or a goldfish. Pet movers will make sure that your pet is happy throughout the relocation process and will arrive at your new home safe and sound.

4 Tips for Finding the Right Removalists

Hiring a professional removalist is indeed helpful. But with plenty of removal companies nowadays, how exactly can you make sure to hire the best? Here are some tips for finding the removalist that suits your need and budget.

1. Do sufficient research

Don’t work with the first removal company you encounter. Instead, make sure to make a shortlist of companies and study up on each one. For instance, you must ask referrals from people you trust, especially those who used a removalist recently. Also, you can read through online reviews to get an idea of how they’ll work with you.

2. Obtain estimates from at least three removal companies

You must get quotes from at least three removalists that visited your property. Avoid getting estimates over the phone because there are factors that will greatly affect the job, such as tight stairways and restricted access. When relocating intestate, consider getting estimates from removalists based in your new residence because prices there can be more competitive.

Once you have the estimates, compare each. Look closely at what is included in the quoted price. Make sure the estimate clearly states the hourly rate, mileage, packing service, insurance, and any storage costs. Also, determine if overtime rates apply and if there are any additional fees. This will prevent any unanticipated costs when it’s time to pay.

3. Determine how many people will be helping you

You should know how many people are present during your moving day to help with the move. This is crucial if you are going to pay by the hour. The job will be done faster if there will be more people helping you out. Also, this will help you get significant savings.

4. Request for a contract

You must only work with removalists who put everything in writing. Before signing the contract, make sure that it includes everything you have agreed upon, such as the cost of the job, the license information on the removal company, the number of people who will be helping you, and the date of the move.

If you are moving to Australia (or anywhere in the world), be aware of the country’s rules and be sure to follow them, and become familiar with their customs and culture. Also, do yourself a favor and reduce your moving workload as well as save time by working with a reputable removal company. Professional removalists offer services that can make your relocation stress-free, easing your transition to life in your new residence.

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