High bay lights have been pioneers of robust luminaires designed to meet any industrial or functional space layout’s specific lighting needs. Garages, linked or explicitly intended for construction or remodelling, are such available spaces. They are multi-purpose; thus, their design depends on their functional aspect.

Big garages dedicated to such tasks have large indoor spaces. To accommodate any such facility, they tend to have a high ceiling. The high top requiresa good light layout to comply with the efficiency of the tasks carried out.

LED high bay lights are specifically designed to meet such requirements. High bay lights’ structural features make them extremely versatile and durable of use in task-oriented spaces.

High bay light fixtures can be economical and the most efficient solution to the garage layout to improve your garage lighting. The most crucial factor is, in fact, the quality of light and its overall impact on ambience and working environment.

With the use of LED high bay lights, you can improve your garage’s overall functional aspects in several ways.

Garage layout

The use of a fixture is entirely dependent on the layout of the garage. Before opting for a fixture, it is essential to get the dimensions of the garage. This is done by taking the rough measurement of the garage area and dividing the zones according to their functionality. i.e.

  • Workspace
  • Parking space
  • Storage space

According to these zones, the light division varies so that workspace requires extra overhead lighting for efficiently carrying out the tasks.

Parking and public space require uniform bright light for visibility and ambience. In contrast, storage space is often multi-faceted for storage and displaying any tools or collectibles requiring accent lighting.

For such a layout, high bay lights are preferred as general lighting fixtures for several reasons:

Lumen output

High bay lights are practically available in two significant designs. Linear and round.

Linear high bays have medium to large sizes ranging from 8 feet and above. These fixtures can be surface mounted or suspend from ceilings through chains/pendants.

Round high bay lights are comparatively smaller but just as efficient. They are also called UFO high bays.

High bays have high lumen output ranging from as low as 3000 lumens to 36000 lumens or above. This is a suitable range for various applications in various design options.

Number of fixtures

High bays in a garage set with a calculated garage layout essentially decrease the number of fixtures used overall. For example, if a 100 square feet area of ceiling height above 20 feet requires 2250 lumen output per fixture, it amounts to 54000 lumens.

One can choose both linear or round high bays according to the ceiling design to achieve the lumen requirement.

This reduces the number of fixtures used as they are powerful and super bright.

Benefits of LED high bays

  • LED high bays are very beneficial when it comes to garage workspaces. They have a longer life span and have a wide beam angle, dispersing glare-free light uniformly in all directions.
  • They use significantly less energy power and reduces energy costs.
  • High bays have durable structure; they are damage proof and require significantly less maintenance than other fixtures.
  • LEDs never flicker or take time in starting up.
  • They have minimal static buildup and barely ever warm-up compared to traditional fixtures, which affects the fixture functionality.


LED high bays are economical for workspaces, especially for garages designated for building or maintaining cars, projects or other machinery. These tasks require a bright and efficient light system for efficiency.

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