Sounds like a simple question,right? But many people ask us what do you use to make a chemical free swimming pool well I will try to explain in this blog.

We use a process of ionisation and electrolysis, some people say these are the same but in fact they are not. Ionisation is the of chemical based species which has an electrical positive charge. Electrolysis is the process of using an electrical charge to produce a non spontaneous chemical reaction. We can go into more details in a further blog.

When you fill the pool for the first time, for example if it is a brand new pool or re filling your pool after winter, you will need hardly any other chemicals to get your pool ready for swimming. But there are a few to use and once your Quest Pool System is working you won’t need to use again or if you do very rarely.

Anti scaling products

You may want to treat tiles and other parts of the pool and filtration system under the water line prior to the pool being filled. These products will reduce build-up of lime scale. However your Quest system has an anti-descaling that prevents hard Calcium build-up.

As well as preserving the pool plumbing efficiency, Quest also helps the sanitisation as calcium deposits become a breeding site for bacteria.

The water flows into the chamber and through a magnetic field.

This process does not eliminate the calcium but breaks down the chemical structure making the calcium form in a easier compound to remove.

Adjust the Ph Level

Once the pool water is in you need to check the ph balance. This needs to be in he region 7.4-7.6. If the ph level is too high you will need to reduce by adding hydrochloric acid or sodium bisulphate. If it is too low you will need to add sodium bi-carbonate.

You need to keep testing with either test strips or an electronic monitoring device until the level of ph is correct.

Adjust the alkalinity level

You need to adjust the alkalinity to make it easier to get the ph balance level correct plus it causes ph bounce, reduces the chance of corrosion, and stops cloudy water. You need to add around 80-150ppm. You raise it by adding Sodium bicarbonate, 450 grams per 10,000

Sanitising the water

Once the ph level is correct you need to shock the pool. But you do not use chemicals to shock the water. You will increase the oxidiser and ioniser power and run the system for around 24 hours to sanitise the pool. DO NOT USE ANY CHLORINE; remember Quest is a chlorine free swimming pool system.

Water hardness. If the water is cloudy it could be down to water hardness and cause corrosion. You may need to drain some of the water and add new water. Calcium Chloride can be added to the pool to raise the calcium hardness to 10ppm add 150 grams of calcium chloride per 10,000 litres of water.

Total Disolved Solids (TDS):

Poor Oxidisation Reduction Potential (ORP) and ion dispersal will give you a low reading, high reading will be a result from excessive current load and bather discomfort. The TDS can be increased by adding 5kg of pool PER 10,000 salt water to raise the TDS. If the TDS is too high you will need to dilute by adding more water.

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