People usually spend so much money on their pest management which is not at all reliable for user. Since one can keep critters away for less, you can find suitable measures that will not let you shortage of your budget. If you’re concerned about keeping your house pest free, you can look for best ways to pest proof your home.

When you see rodents or cockroach crawling across your kitchen floor, the first thing that comes to your mind is to get rid of them immediately. The best way to prevent pest problem is denying pest entry in the first place. There are various ultimate guides to pest proofing provided with common sense tips you can use to keep pests outdoors.

Here are some fundamental tips to keep your house neat and tidy and effectively reducing the pest issues. These tips will efficiently less pests to many degrees inside your home until any expert arrives. Here you will learn about such absolute DIY tricks to control pest in your house.

# Use Sticky Traps

For this, you need to set glue traps at some specific part of your house where pests occur often. It will take just few minute to complete this work. You must know which area in your home is most prone to pest attacks. This would record you to set glues accordingly. For pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, this process will work effectively as they will be quickly caught and dispensed off.

# Clean your Kitchen

You should set up 15 min time daily to clean your kitchen. Things like wiping the countertops with vinegar will remove the trail of odour left by insects such as flies or ants. Other things like put your wipe away any spills, put out your garbage, keep food away, put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher. When you shop for groceries, remove any food that come in airtight glass jars or plastic bags especially nuts, grains, rice and your pet foods. This way you will efficiently stop pests which come for meals like mice or cockroach.

# Seal all possible entry points

Pests can use any hole to enter inside your home. Thus, need to seal those holes up by using some silicone caulk from your local hardware store. Be specific with doors, frame, windows and seal around the places where cable wires of TV wires come, where pipes come inside your home, and also around the dryer vent. You can use wire mesh or steel wool into bigger holes and cover them after sealing them up. This will stop every pest to come inside.

# Put door sweeps

Door sweeps block gap between lower edge and floor of your door. This serves as useful tool to prevent pests from coming in and you can get those from your local hardware store. You can use adhesive strips to sweep your doors that stick on the door. In this way, you don’t need to drill them inside and can thus prevent various pests from using those gaps to enter into your home.

# Fix leaky taps and pipes

Insects need water to survive and leaky tap works like a natural source for them. Hence, search for any leaking faucet in your house as this might work an effective method to remove pest infestation. In order to control pests, you can keep critters outdoor or create a hostile environment for them.

# Give your pets a dining space

After you have let your pet food in bowl on the floor, make sure that you spot and clean them up early. Otherwise those bits of food would end up across the room and attract ants. It is better to give your pet a dining area on a rubber mat as this makes spilled food easy to clean up. If you’re having ant problem, you can put food bowl into a bowl with water in it so that ants won’t be able to cross the moat to get the food.

# Keep a clean kitchen

Every unwanted pests are attracted towards leftover bits of food. So, you must keep a clean kitchen area. In order to do so, here are few tips to consider:

  • Keep all leftover store in lidded container
  • Check for sugar pills near the coffee maker
  • Wipe residue off container containing sugary items like jelly or peanut butter
  • Keep fruit out of direct sunlight & check often for spoils produced
  • Sweep or vacuum regularly
  • Rinse container prior to putting them in recycle bin

# Keep a dry home

Insects like to live in damping environment, so eliminate wet spots and moistures. To do so, start by applying caulk to fix leaks around sinks and tubs. In your basement, check for stains on ground that indicates loose fitting, dripping pipes and inspect above for cracks.


In addition to these tips, always keep your house clean by vacuuming and sweeping daily. These are some necessary steps that would work as best result to remove any kind of pests out of your house.

Apply all these ideas and quicker tips to control of pests just within few days. You will be totally free from troublesome pests that still live in your house.

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