The kind of locks you use for your home or business impacts your level of safety and convenience. Keypads offer several surprisingly convenient benefits over traditional locks. They are often an excellent option for multifamily buildings, where residents have a unique PIN code that staff can remotely program or change. They also work well in commercial settings and care homes.


Keypad locks are a type of digital lock that requires a numerical code to unlock. They are famous for homes and offices and can be accessed by users who punch in the code on a keypad similar to a basic calculator. Keypad doors offer heightened security and smooth functionality for home and business owners. They eliminate the need to keep track of keys, which can easily be lost or stolen. A keypad door lock Orlando also provides easy installation, making them popular with homeowners and renters who move frequently. These locks are also compatible with other smart home devices and systems. This allows users to voice-command their locks or even use a phone app to lock and unlock their doors remotely.


Keypad locks rely on a code punched in via a numerical pad to unlock the door, eliminating homeowners needing to carry keys. This can eliminate the possibility of them getting lost or stolen and prevent unauthorized entry. In many cases, Wi-Fi-enabled keypad lock models can be unlocked remotely via a smartphone app as long as they’re compatible with the device. This feature can make life easier for homeowners who are away for extended periods or frequently host guests, such as Airbnb hosts.

Keypad locks can also be paired with fobs, offering additional security by allowing you to open your door without touching the lock. This option is ideal for busy families who can easily misplace their house keys or children likely to do so during a hectic school day.

Time-Dependent Access Control

The ability to lock your home from the comfort of your car eliminates that all-too-common scenario where kids forget their keys and call for a locksmith as you rush out the door to work. Keyless entry also removes the need to leave your keys or a spare somewhere for guests, repair service professionals, or babysitters. Keypad locks are not susceptible to being picked or bumped like traditional locks, and you can program one-time codes and dates of access for temporary service providers. Some even offer the option to limit the window of time that a code works, making them ideal for owners who rent their property to short-term vacationers. Some keypad locks are operated on a battery, while others operate on your home’s WiFi connection. Some will warn you when the battery is about to run out, preventing you from getting locked out of your home.

Convenience for Kids

A smart lock with a built-in WiFi connection will notify you when a code is opened or entered. This helps you know if your kids are getting home from school on time. Many keypad door locks that connect to your home’s WiFi or intelligent home hub allow you to change access codes remotely to give a temporary code to babysitters, maintenance specialists, dog walkers, and others who may need to get into your house. And, if you’re worried about kids leaving your house unlocked, some models automatically use geofencing to lock and unlock when you arrive or leave home. Most, but not all, keypad door locks require batteries to operate. Look for a model that uses rechargeable batteries for longer battery life.


Traditional locks wear down over time due to constant friction caused by inserting and turning the key. Keypad locks, on the other hand, require little to no friction since entering a code is all they need to open. Keypad door locks, also known as digital or smart locks, are becoming increasingly popular in residential and commercial settings. These locks replace the need for keys or fobs and can only be opened by entering a PIN code into a numerical pad. This makes them a convenient option for apartments, student housing, and commercial offices where staff come and go regularly. In addition, some models allow for multiple individualized codes that can be changed or removed as needed.

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