There’s no better escape from the hot sun and high humidity than a cool, well air-conditioned house. Air conditioners mean everything to us during extreme weather conditions.

However, many people take regular AC tune-up routines for granted. They wait until their AC fails to call in the HVAC experts. Well, with this article, we help you learn some of the reasons why your AC requires regular maintenance.

Improving your air quality

Air conditioners help in cleaning our air indoors. However, when left running for long periods, dirt and debris accumulates in the unit.

With dirt in your AC, your air quality degrades as the dirt particles are then recycled back to your house.

If you are asthmatic or suffer from other respiratory illnesses, polluted air from your AC can trigger an attack.

Energy efficiency

A well-maintained A/C can achieve up to 30% energy savings for your system.

In most cases, air conditioners consume more energy when in poor condition. This is usually a result of a refrigeration leak, dirty coil, a thermostat problem, dirt accumulation in the ducts, among other things.

Fixing such issues requires a substantial amount of money but regular, preventative A/C maintenance will not only ensure your system uses less energy thus but also prevent total breakdown, saving you money.

Extended longevity of your A/C

When you buy your air conditioner, you expect it to serve you for a long period. However, the A/C’s lifetime will largely depend on how well and regularly you maintain it.

According to experts, most air conditioners fail before their time because they are not well maintained. While considering how often maintenance is required, it is important to consider where you live and how often the machine runs. If you live in a more polluted area, regular maintenance is recommended to clean and replace your air filters. Also, if your A/C is always running, regular maintenance is important.

Furthermore, preventative A/C maintenance is essential as far as the system’s warranty is concerned. If anything goes wrong within the warranty period, you will only reap the full benefits of the cover if you have followed the recommended maintenance schedule.

Eliminates costly A/C repairs

Repairing the whole or parts of your A/C can be costly. At times, you have to replace the whole unit since the parts are irreparable. However, this only happens when you do not regularly and properly maintain your air conditioner.

Preventative A/C maintenance helps you notice any worn out parts, which help you prevent further damage to the whole system.

Also, regular maintenance of your air conditioner prevents emergencies that are likely to occur as a result of breakdown. You know how emergency repairs are hectic and costly. A small problem, if not identified early enough, can lead to a breakdown of the whole system and the attendant financial costs involved.

Increased comfort

Everyone deserves comfort in their home.

If your A/C fails to function, then you and your family will be at the mercy of the weather. Things can get worse especially if one or more of your family members are asthmatic as the A/C prevents dust and other small particles from entering your house.

And guess what, if your system’s functionality is at optimum, you won’t hear those discomforting noises in your house.

Reduction of carbon footprint

If not well maintained, an A/C uses more energy which increases carbon footprint thus impacting the environment negatively. You can only reduce your carbon footprint by making your air conditioner run smoothly and more efficiently through regular preventative maintenance.


With the above merits in mind, you now have a reason for preventative A/C maintenance. Be sure to hire a well-trained technician (like heating and Air conditioning New Jersey) to prevent further damage and to ensure effectiveness.

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