Thinking of renovating your old farmhouse kitchen? You are not alone. After having that perfect kitchen for so long, it’s natural to want to add a twist to it.

Farmhouse kitchen decor is one of the most popular home improvement activities. Kitchens are now getting modern and more contemporary day by day and it’s obvious that you want to update your kitchen while retaining that old farmhouse charm.

Whether you actually live in a farmhouse in the countryside or want to bring that feeling in your kitchen in the city, these cool ideas on how to decorate a farmhouse kitchen will help you achieve your goals.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are a must for a farmhouse kitchen. It brings out the whole countryside setting. You cannot imagine getting fresh flowers in the city – at least not every day. But when you have a farmhouse, adding that fresh flowers to the kitchen can add to the beauty of the place.

Living in a farmhouse is actually gets you closer to nature. The countryside living automatically helps you create the same environment inside the house. You can put your home garden flowers in the vase and put it on the kitchen island or near the sink and see how the whole thing comes together.

Retro faucet

When it comes to how to decorate a farmhouse kitchen, you cannot overlook the importance of the faucet. They are not only functional and must have in the kitchen they can actually help you make a great impression whoever walks into your kitchen.

A retro style faucet is a perfect idea for decorating a farmhouse kitchen. It could become the center of attraction for your kitchen. The metal faucet sitting right in the middle of the large sink is one of the key elements of a traditional farmhouse kitchen.

Hardwood Floors

Concrete or vinyl floors in the farmhouse are a big no. If you really want to create a farmhouse kitchen, you have to get hardwood floors installed. They are a life of a farmhouse style kitchen. Apart from the aesthetics it really gives you the feeling of being in the countryside. You can choose from various hardwood flooring for your kitchen. With today’s options, you can easily recreate that old style from your childhood.

Mute colors

A farmhouse is about the beautiful, warm and soft colors. White, beige or creams are the colors to go for. If you are renovating your old farmhouse kitchen then choose a different neutral color than the last one. Muted colors create that perfect aura for a farmhouse kitchen that looks perfectly impeccable especially in the morning.

Sink style

One of the best ways to decorate your farmhouse kitchen is to add that vintage sink style. You can go for the rustic copper style sink or stainless sink with a mounted towel rod or simple white ceramic sink. You can combine the vintage style sink with a facet of the same style to make it the focal point of your farmhouse kitchen.

Add a kitchen island

A traditional farmhouse would have a kitchen island. Even a small kitchen island can both add the aesthetics and functionality to your kitchen space. These kitchen islands are not just fashion choices they are the key to creating a great looking farmhouse kitchen.

You can have any kind of Kitchen Island. You can use a wooden table to put in the middle of the space or you create a whole new style of Kitchen Island complete with vintage style chairs.

Open Storage System

Shelves and open storage cabinets and cupboards are one of the best ways to decorate the farmhouse kitchen. The open storage system allows you display your collection of dishware. You can leave the cabinets open or install glass doors for the creating an amazing effect.

Install Vintage Style Lighting

Install a vintage style lighting system to create that aura in your farmhouse kitchen. You can replace or upgrade your existing lights by installing chandeliers and wall sconces. Pendant fixtures are also a great option for lighting for your kitchen. Copper light fixtures are one of the classic choices for decorating the farmhouse kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets

If there is one thing that can truly convert your space into a farmhouse style kitchen then it’s the cabinets. You can totally go for the vintage style cabinetry may be in all white shade. Or you can also create the cabinets using the reclaimed wood.

Wood Wrapped Range Hood

A wood wrapped hood or just wooden hood in the kitchen is all you need to create that farmhouse feeling even if you are living in one. When you have a farmhouse, you must have the wood hood installed in the kitchen to totally create that classic look and feel.

In Conclusion

When you have a beautiful farmhouse you need to keep it all classy and up to date. These are some of the ways you can decorate the farmhouse kitchen and impress everyone with your unique choices.

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