Whether you have a small kitchen or a grand one, remodeling your space with trendy ideas can make it look more alluring. When it comes to renovating the most popular space in your home, there are various things that you can experiment with. Perhaps you can go with the more vibrant trends that give a funky feed or choose the ones with subtle touches ideal for the modern age. Is it about simple changes with painting your cabinet, switching to hanging lights, or changing your shelves and revamping your backsplash?

From traditional ideas to country kitchen trends, there are innumerable kitchen renovation tactics that can update your space while making sure it feels homey and comfy. Try to work with as many things as possible, such as antique lighting hangings, unconventional Islands, etc. Just make sure to keep in mind that all the things that you change should add up to your convenience!

Below we have made a list of some of the most fantastic ideas to help you easily upgrade your kitchen. These are the trendiest ones that you can get started with right away –

Start your kitchen renovation around the focal point

Do not work from different parts while renovating the most important room of your house. Start by creating a focal point and then do everything around it so that it looks amazing and more mindful. This way, you will also be organized and aware of the things that you need to look after while upgrading your kitchen.

Make a splash

One thing that you can do to make your kitchen visually appealing is by updating your cooking and food preparing area with a tile backsplash. Besides being trendy, it is also an extremely functional and long-lasting design choice. Also, you will get enough space to showcase your creativity.

If you want to have subway tile, then you also get the option to design your own pattern that matches your theme and look of the house.

Colors the outdated cabinets

Painting your dull cabinets is the best way to instantly brighten up your kitchen and give it a fresh look. You can do this yourself as all you need is a few basic skills and a little work.

For those who want a clean and sophisticated appearance, they can go with neutral tones, such as black, grey, etc., or bright shades of white. If you want a more cheerful surrounding, then consider vibrant colors.

Consider adding a kitchen island

Islands are the trendiest ideas for kitchen renovation. From dining to dish storage, these spaces are the primary attraction of any kitchen these days with comfortable seatings. Irrespective of the size of the place, you can always add an island to your kitchen to enhance its look to another level.

To keep up with the newest designs, check on the internet for ideas!

Decide whether you need an eating space

Some people prefer eating their food in the kitchen or wherever they cook. People also state that eating in the kitchen makes them enjoy the meal while someone is cooking for them.

If you, too, believe in this philosophy, then you can add your dining table in your kitchen. Choose a larger space for your kitchen so that you can easily make space for eating. If not, then your kitchen space can also be a smaller one.

Open shelving

Open shelves can be a good option in the place of upper cabinets. It gives an illusion of making small spaces feel larger. Also, it looks classy with a modern touch.

While going for open shelves, make sure to install them at standard upper cabinet height. This means that the lower shelf needs to be 18 inches above the counter.

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Improve your hardware

When you renovate your kitchen, you need to put extra emphasis on the details, which includes hardware and ‘faucetry’. These are the elements that can elevate your kitchen’s appeal to another level.

The most common selection is warm-toned metals, such as brass. Also, you will find an extensive range of shapes and finishes for these kinds of metals that can be easily incorporated into your space.

Use patterns in unexpected places

Your kitchen is the best place to add high-impact design elements. Therefore, work with a patterned floor for achieving an Illusion of a greater expansion of the space. Try mixing it up with wood floor patterns or hand-painted cement tile. This will give a Bohemian feel with a modern and contemporary touch.

Upgrade your appliances

Installing new and energy-efficient appliances gives your kitchen a trendy edge. Apart from this, it will help you save a lot in the future as modern appliances are designed to consume less electricity or other crucial resources.

Therefore, make sure to look for an energy star certified refrigerator, a water-saving dishwasher, etc.

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Use hooks to keep pots and pans

To store the pots and pans at a distance where you can easily reach them, you need to fix some hooks near your stove. Pulling your drawers to take out these utensils can become difficult if you keep doing it again and again. Using hooks can make it more convenient by hanging them at an easy reach.

Select the right height for the oven

The oven is perhaps one of the most used appliances in your kitchen. If so, you need to make sure that it is placed at the right height to make your cooking easier and effortless.

If your kids know how to use an oven, then place it at a lower height so that they can easily access it.

Countertop Flair

Nothing can impact the appearance of your kitchen more than your countertop design. It has the ability to transform the entire look. So make sure you are mindful while selecting one for your kitchen!

For instance, a sleek and shiny granite countertop looks great to serve as a focal point of the kitchen.

Transform a corner into a cozy nook

There will always be an underused corner in your kitchen area. It is time that you make the most out of it!

Make it a multipurpose nook for working and add extra storage space to it. You can also use it as an informal dining space or just make it a place where you can sip your coffee. Also, accessorize it with a number of plump pillows for increasing its comfort or add some fairy lights for improving its coziness.

Light it up

Just like any other room, your kitchen also requires a combination of task and atmospheric lighting to maintain the balance.

Fluorescent lighting is a frequently used choice in kitchens as it casts a blushing light that impacts the colorization of the objects present in the room. For balancing it out, you need to add some hanging pendant lights that are placed above your eating area for a more appetizing color of the food.

This kitchen renovation idea also works to create an illusion of making your space look larger.

Flooring is a prime concern

If you are going for a total kitchen renovation, consider redoing your floorings. Since there is an extensive range of choices available in the market nowadays, you can choose the ones that suit your requirements and the look of your kitchen.

Those who are looking for a durable and easy to clean selection can go for hardwood. There are many wood-like alternatives also such as vinyl or this glazed ceramic tile. All these options are excellent for a traditional appeal.

Use them on the wall as a rustic backsplash also!

Never skip the ceiling

When it comes to kitchen renovation, the ceiling is one of the most overlooked things. However, it is important that you work with it and select some exciting ideas to bring it to life.

The modern trends suggest making your ceiling well-lit and bright, along with incorporating and acknowledging the design of your cooking space. Choose colors that contrast the hue off the walls and cabinets to intensify the shade.

Built-in garage

If you prefer having a guest in your kitchen and entertaining them, then you must understand how important it is to keep your countertops look insanely clean. This is why it is important to have an appliance garage to store the frequently used utensils.

Barn-style sliding doors are style

No one can deny the fact that the modern rustic look is here to stay, for a while at least. So, get over your old plane pantry doors by adding character with a barn-style sliding door. This is the best option to make your pantry items more accessible to you.

Add a workspace

When you cook, you need a considerable amount of space for chopping, kneading, mixing, or doing other stuff that is crucial to create your culinary masterpiece. For this, you either should have a large kitchen or tuck essential appliances inside the kitchen island. This can maximize the space of your cabinets and lessen the unnecessary hassle.

Enough space to walk

One of the best things you can do while renovating your kitchen is to choose a design that does not take much of the space. You need to keep in mind that you should have ample space to walk inside your kitchen for your ease. This way, you won’t have to face much hassle while cooking!

Get interesting glass doors and display

Consider the kitchen renovation idea of using glass doors and displays in your kitchen to make it look more modern and contemporary. Do your research and find out the designs that match your requirements and the theme of the house.

Also, keep in mind that there are different designs for doors and windows of the cabinets and other essential parts of the kitchen.

Choose drawers over doors

Another excellent kitchen renovation idea is to add large drawers for plates, small appliances, cookware, and other stuff. This enables you to see and retrieve the items without having you duck every part of the shelf or the counters.

Try to decrease the number of doors you have in your kitchen. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that whatever drawer you choose for your kitchen, make sure to have the ones with the self-closing glides.

Install electric plugs

Do not forget about adding electric flux to your kitchen while renovating it. Look for the right place where you can install them so that you have easy access to them while using electrical appliances.

Besides that, you often need your phone while working in the kitchen. So, having an electric plug can help you charge your device when you need it.

Open your kitchen space for your guests

Once you are done with your kitchen renovation, make sure to showcase your creativity to your guests. Look for an opportunity by which you can open up the space of your kitchen to incorporate some seating area.

For instance, you can add a breakfast table or a corner bench so that your acquaintances can come and have a talk while you work in the kitchen. One of the most popular ideas that are loved by people across the world is adding a bar top to your kitchen island with a few stools.

The bottom line

The kitchen is perhaps one of the most important parts of any house. This is the reason why you need to make sure that your kitchen looks the best and depicts an alluring appeal. The above-mentioned kitchen renovation designs will inspire you to have the best and trendiest makeover of the most frequently used place of your home. Since you have gone through it, you might have got a clearer picture of how you want to decorate and style your kitchen in the best possible way!

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