If you’ve been looking at the best red lion water pumps you can get then you most likely have a job in mind for it. What you may not realize is that you can get many more uses out of it than you’re thinking about. Water pumps can be used to move water in any location and are very handy to have around.

Here are a few of the most common water pump tasks that you can get done. There are still plenty of other uses as well. If it’s water that has to be moved then there’s a pump to do it!

Flooding Large Fields

One major use for a water pump that you may not be considering is for flooding large fields. All you need to find is a water source and it can be moved over very large distances. These flooded fields can be used for plenty of things.

It’s a very common task during duck hunting season. Fields can be flooded with water to attract the birds to any area you want. It can turn a frustrating hunting experience into one of the best days that you’ll ever be able to have out in the field.

Removing Flood Waters

If a pump can be used to flood an area then it can also be used to clean up a flood. You never know when a flood is going to hit and they can come during any season. Once they do, you don’t have to wait for the water to leave on its own.

Water pumps can clean up much bigger events than basement floods. The right flood can remove any amount of water that you have to deal with. They can turn a potential disaster into a near miss if you run your pump while the water is still coming.

Draining and Refilling a Pool

Anyone who owns a pool should be changing the water out of it every few years. If you don’t do that then you’re risking waterborne illness, even when using chlorine. That’s where a pump comes in handy.

You can use your pump to empty your pool and fill it back up. It’s a much easier and cost-effective way to go about it, rather than paying a company to do it for you. You’ll be able to change out your water whenever you want and keep your pool safe.

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